My father (RIP) was catholic and my mother is catholic.

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My father was raised Lutheran, I don't remember the sect of Christianity my mother was raised as. I think it starts with an A, it's like one step away from Unitarianism. At any rate, they're both Unitarians and have been for as long as I can remember.
Both my parents are catholics, pretty liberal and thinking, instead of sheep-like. Still they go to church every Sunday and give offerings. They don't have a problem with my non-belief, so I guess that kind of catholic is not that bad. Most of the people I know are like that, catholics, but don't care much about the issue, and are more catholic because of tradition.
Que viva la tradición y la virgencita de Guadalupe.
My father is a former Catholic but has been an atheist since before I was born, my mother believes in God but doesn't go to any church.
Both my father and mother were raised catholic. My parents lost their faith after high school and then years later became born again when my my father went through AA (Surprise, surprise). Luckily, when my dad was going through difficult times the church shunned him for not being able to afford an offering, causing him to question his faith once again. Today, through many long discussions with me, my dad has renounced his faith completely and my parents live normal non-theist lives.
fundie and agnostic
go figure

on some semi-official database of tax claims? probably both still cathlc but neither practicing.
then again, what's practicing, what does the catholosism inc. practice how to fund gold bullion, network with all faiths and do their bidding through machines; and then fund the gold bullion?

ah the atheist logo itself strikes fear due to it's connection to the very atoms that congeal into our substance
My dad was raised a Lutheran and my mom was forced to be a Witness in her teens. When I was a kid, they had no interest in religion and raised me with very vague theistic beliefs. They weren't the best parents, but having a pretty secular upbringing is one of the few things I appreciate about my childhood. Sometimes when I was young, I would ask my dad if we could go to church and he would say that church is for people who need it. It's filled with people who act nice on Sunday, but are assholes the rest of the week.
My parents are Mennonite. They both were originally Amish. My mom's parents converted to Conservative Mennonite when she was small. My dad was Amish until he was 18 when he converted to Conservative Mennonite. After my parents married they switched to Mennonite. So that's the church I grew up in, and later was baptized into. And later ran fleeing from.
Wow, nobody else had Jehovah's Witnesses for parents?
I think there is a group on Nexus involving former JWs. It might be interesting to check it out in the groups.
a childhood friend of mine was JW. All I can remember is that they were in church - or meeting hall all day & they were really stuck on the name "Jehovah" for God. Her parents were upset when we took her to watch firecrackers on July 4th. Hey, they shouldn't have had my parents babysit her on July 4th.

My condolences to you for growing up JW. I was raised a Catholic - not any better! Good luck in finding another person with a similar background.
My mother was raised Catholic but converted to Protestant. My father grew up Protestant. I was given to the church when I was a baby, but our family never really attended church when I was growing up. I went with friends when I was younger.




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