My father (RIP) was catholic and my mother is catholic.

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My mother practices ancestor worship. She believes in a god of some sort. I've never heard my dad's opinions on religion and the supernatural, so I'd assume he's an agnostic. We're Vietnamese, and they aren't active voters, so no harm done :) My mom and I visit a Vietnamese temple that practices Cao-Dai, a sort of unitarian-equivalent religion that originated recently in Vietnam.
They accept my stance on the supernatural, as I'm their only child.
My parents are Catholics. However, when I was about 17 my dad told me he was an atheist when I admitted that I was an agnostic. He told me not to tell my mom who would be angry. He's totally whipped!
My family is mostly Catholic and I was raised Catholic. One summer when I was 12~13 years old, I went to a Christian summer camp (2 week camp from 8am to 12pm), I was really religious and wanted to know more so I asked question and when I realized the answers were made up I became enlightened.

My question... Why doesn't the Bible mention Dinosaurs? Answer: The Bible mentions big sea monsters and Aliens and UFO's are the devil.

That is 100% true.


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