What is there about the word "atheist" that makes normally sane people act crazy?

Help! I just got off the phone with my best friend. I started telling her about an event I attended recently. When I mentioned the group's name (which included the word "atheist") it was like I had rung a bell for Pavlov's dog! She immediately went on a rant about how she is "sick of atheists," and how "stupid" they are to be "angry at God."

This shook me up because normally she is a wonderful friend. She is a non-practicing Jew who was raised completely secular. I've been open with her about the full extent of my apostasy, and I've even identified myself as an atheist to her before. Perhaps she didn't believe me? What is there about that word?

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I agree, women can babble about things and be impotent. 

My grandmothers, mother, and aunts would tell story after story of beatings, discounts, trivializations, put-downs, belittling, and demonizations. Nothing changed. From infancy until I left home I heard these helpless stories. 

I perceive non-believers telling stories about things that religious do to infantilize adults. I hear powerful language and I don't see actions parallel with the words.  

Nothing will change for women or for atheists until and unless people get out from under the cultural position of 2nd class citizens. Some people can discuss issues with religious and husbands and reason with them. If men continue to act as lords and kings in their homes, women have options. If believers in god continue to act arrogantly and irrationally, then atheists have options.

1. Acquiesce to the nonsense of being under the authority of husbands or religion. 

2. Deny that women or atheists can tackle tough problems and solve them. 

3. Talk, talk, talk, and nothing changes. 

4. Reason, discuss, debate, compare and contrast, and learn to discern fact from fiction and to competently master life-skills.

5. Learn how to be assertive, not aggressive, and refuse to submit to nonsense. 

6. End the relationship. 

Naturally, a woman doesn't want to terminate something that was so special at one time and turned into being a grotesque version of a marriage.  

The same for religion. The community can be a powerful place to feel connected to others and to share joys and sorrows. If religion continues as dominant, arrogant, self-serving institutions, then atheist must become more assertive. Challenge religion when they violate the separation of church and state. 

Brian, it must be miserable to be around women whose hormones rage through their bodies every month like coals on fire surging and pulsating with every heartbeat. Women can be absolutely unpredictable and uncontrollable during those stormy times. What does a man do to survive such events? What are your options? Well, it depends on who blasts like a furnace. 

If it is your girlfriend or wife, 

1. get out of her way, 

2. go do your hobby,

3. bring her chocolates and flowers, 

4. take the kids to the movies, 

5. stick your head in the gas oven, 

6. stick her head in the gas oven, 

7. give her a back rub, 

8. tell her how much you love her, 

9. get the hell out of her life and swear off women. 

I agree, Joan.

I didn't say so earlier than now because I am COMFORTABLY OUT as an atheist and saw it only when I read Deidre's post.

Maybe because they don't know what the definition of 'atheist' is. lol Atheism isn't about being angry with God, it's about not believing there is one in the first place.


Former hellfire-and-brimstone fundies have a right to feel anger.

When we who feel angry use our anger-generated energy well, we heal.

How to answer xians who says atheists are angry?

1) Explain the above, and/or

2) Tell those xians to stop projecting their anger onto us.

3) Laugh and walk away.

What is there about that word [atheist]?

There is nothing about that word.

There is something about the combination of that word and some pain in Kathleen's best friend's mind.

The rant was an inevitable result. It's a projection ...until a better explanation comes along.

Cognitive Dissonance. Religion is mental illness.
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance PASS THIS ON!


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