I need answer.Please see the picture.

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It is online advertising for a Christian website. Advertising provides part of the financial support for Atheist Nexus.

These are theism stuff on nontheism site .

The Google ads service places ads based upon words within the page for which it's placing the ads.  On this site, we talk about Christianity, Islam, and other religions.  When we do that, the ads for those pages will often be for those sorts of religious sites.

Google ads doesn't scan for context and negative connotations.  It's just a simple keyword scanner.

Thanks mr moderator.

I am tickled with the Christian website wasting their advertising dollars.

Well, all advertizing is a percentage game.  Most of your ads are going to go out to people who don't give a damn and will never be interested in your product.

You are right Roger.But the shit needs a grammer book.

Click it and have it open in another tab. Chances are good that the site that placed the ad has to pay for every click through they get. End result: religion-based companies, sites and services pay for Atheist Nexus' hosting fees.

AdChoices is configurable to an extent but AN moderators would need to look at the configuration to change it. Users can't change it.

There's also AdBlock if you really cannot abide seeing the ads.

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