I posted this in WA State Atheists, then thought maybe it would be better for general use.

My neighborhood is fairly conservative, lots of churchgoers. Im wondering if I should put a holiday light display on my house, with an atheist A.... I don't really want to attract too much attention - just enough for people in the know. FSM is too elaborate. Maybe a yin/yang? Not religious, a bit too woo hooo but I do live with someone who is Chinese so not out 100% of the question. Maybe make all of the lights green and put up a $ sign - the true meaning of Xmas?

Is there a recognizable symbol for "reason"? "Evolution"? Maybe a Darwin fish in bright lights?

Will my house get stoned? I'm not crazy about that idea, either.

Or just do what I did last year and put up nothing.

There IS a big box of holiday lights in the basement. Hate to have them all go to waste.

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What my atheist housemate does is put up ice sickle lights about his porch...He leaves them up till after the Chinese New year.
We have celebrated the Solstice instead of Christmas for years, but we always have a tree, candles, yule log, egg nog... For my family, these traditions represent a fun holiday together when we talk about the new year and dismiss the old. All of those symbols of Christmas were just usurped from the Pagans anyway.

As to getting stoned... Where I live, there is active hatred and fear of atheists. I admire folks who lead the charge against bigotry. I actively discuss my beliefs with students, friends, co-workers, supervisors and anyone else who wants to talk about them. I write letters to the editor in support of free thought..... BUT I doubt I would advertise it in my yard ;-)

That said, it would warm my heart to see a yard in my town with some atheist symbol... I should give this one more thought.
As to getting stoned... Where I live, there is active hatred and fear of atheists
That seems like a good reason to get stoned.
I think maybe we need a distinction between getting rocks thrown at us, and getting stoned? Many people would consider one of these activities a lot more fun than the other.
Love that one Judith
You WAY overestimate me! Although it does make me think of fun I can have with the chickens laying eggs... but they wouldn't appreciate it.
So far I'm leaning towards a yin/yang. It's definitely not christmas oriented, but people seem to respect it is a woo woo kind of way. If people think I have an actual xmas theme - xmas tree or santaesque Darwin, then Im just playing into their thing. ALthough I agree that the Santa Darwin is very cool.

Still, a palm tree with a T-Rex would be cool. And ornaments on the palm tree. Not playing into the Xmas theme. A palm is a more realistic Xmas tree from Bethlehem than a Douglas Fir.

Maybe a dinosaur creche, with brontosaurus, T-rex, and fred flintstone? Or maybe Godzilla over a creche?

My talents and time are limited. It needs to be simple. I can't pull off these complicated ideas. Back to the yin yang.
I've just put up lights with no religious symbols. I know it is celebration of solstice, but others think it is about christmas. Maybe we should put up non-theist symbols to be clear.

Duane, is that a card you found somewhere on line? It would be a good one for atheists to use.

This morning as I was not-shaving, my thoughts wandered towards a Godzilla or dinosaur silhouette. Subliminal - especially the dino, celebrates the study of evolution, but kids love dinos and so do a lot of adults. Plus, Godzilla looks complicated, dinos look easier. It doesn't "say" atheist but also doesnt suggest modern or ancient christian tradition... Now if I was just artistic. I have a feeling I wont do this, but you never know.

I especially like the idea of a large lumbering herbivorous dino, since I'm a large lumbering herbivorous mammal.
I'd go for spelling out "Consumermas" with the lights if I wasn't a lazy bastard myself. Cursive letters would work best.
I like the consumer aspect of Christmas, it's great for the economy. When people work harder and longer hours so that they can afford presents, the economy gets a boost.
You won. It's going to be nothing.



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