I posted this in WA State Atheists, then thought maybe it would be better for general use.

My neighborhood is fairly conservative, lots of churchgoers. Im wondering if I should put a holiday light display on my house, with an atheist A.... I don't really want to attract too much attention - just enough for people in the know. FSM is too elaborate. Maybe a yin/yang? Not religious, a bit too woo hooo but I do live with someone who is Chinese so not out 100% of the question. Maybe make all of the lights green and put up a $ sign - the true meaning of Xmas?

Is there a recognizable symbol for "reason"? "Evolution"? Maybe a Darwin fish in bright lights?

Will my house get stoned? I'm not crazy about that idea, either.

Or just do what I did last year and put up nothing.

There IS a big box of holiday lights in the basement. Hate to have them all go to waste.

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I do what you did last year every year...nothing.
I thought the fuck'n thing was going to explode at the end. In fact, that it didn't was my only disappointment.

I hate hate hate hate hate inane christmas songs carols and hymns. I youtubed on "Atheist christmas carol" and came up with this. Not sure what I think of the lyrics, but the tone and singing were lovely. Looks like this came out in 06 but it's the first that I've seen it.


WANT PIX!!!111
Haha, ADD speaking is right it's be nice to see that.
My vote would be for the Darwin fish - that would look cool outlined with a few strings of lights and maybe a wreath hung in the center of the body. Maybe the wreath could be a green and red "A" instead of the red one.
Otherwise I feel perfectly fine putting up the icicle lights on my eaves and dressing up the front windows with some sparkling lights. Remember, it's all pagan anyway!
I wish I knew how to put up a Yule log in my front yard that would "burn" for 12 days.
Come to think of it, when I celebrate "Christmas," I memorialize the original pagan hopes for a good new year, and relate it to the science of the motion of the earth relative to the sun, so I'm really not into being Atheist, just reverent of the beliefs of people who did not have the benefit of today's technologies to make their lives so predictable and comfortable.



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