I do cross stitch and tapestries although I must admit I haven't had much time for either lately.

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Ceil, I have a ripped pair that need repair.

There are a lot of youtube videos you can access such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1uwyo_EgF4

Thanks. I might be lazy and do an iron on. These are just for doing yard work and house repairs. Iron on is kind of stiff, and not very elegant. If I can find a scrap of fabric, a sewed on patch would be better.

Here is my dog wearing a heavy flannel jacket I made for him.  He had to have a haircut to get fleas under better control, and it's too cold for him.   I found this extra thick shirt at Goodwill, shortened the sleeves, shortened it, and cut the tail to fit.  It looks a little strange, but he seems to like it.  It's machine washable - good for flea control - and old dogs need the extra warmth.

Gerald, I do OK.  I'll try almost anything.  When I decided to wear bow ties instead of traditional neckties, I had all of those neckties and bow ties are expensive.  So, I dis-assembled my favorite neckties, and used a bow tie as a pattern to convert them.  Almost all of the bow ties I wear are converted from neckties.

I also repair my clothes.  I don't think I'm good enough to actually make most things.

I can sew a button on but that's about my limit. It takes a calm temper to these type of crafts; I've got a seamstress that lives around the corner from me and she saves me a lot of nervous energy!!!

How do I describe my craft?

Ma and Pa Nature use a variety of chemical elements to make trees. People bring the trees down and saw them into a variety of pieces. I take some of these pieces, saw them into more pieces and nail, screw or glue them together and use the finished pieces in a variety of ways.

In short, my craft is woodwork and I've made most of the furniture in my abode.

I have not yet lost a finger to a saw.




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