On the lighter side, this one. Having just finished reading the last of the Harry Potter books (only one I actually read, but it was delightful and I love the movies), I guess I am just in a bit of a magical mood. I think my Patronus would be a ram. Just sayin! Anyone else have their own Patronuses in mind?

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A poison-arrow frog.

Can I change mine to an enormous cock?


Yeah, I'm funny that way.
Aww, just like Luna Lovegood! The epitome of sweetness.
A doe -- I'm a big Snape fan!

A big, fat, ugly snake or a giant spider or preying mantis.  The sight of my scary, ugly patronus would send anyone bothering me packing.  Besides, snakes, arachnids and insects are useful and they get an unfair bad wrap due to religion. 

I saw a  large dead cobra by the side of the road in Saudi and even dead it was scary.  You're right.  They always told us the sand viper was much more dangerous than a cobra.
When I was stationed in Saudi, the Saudi government made us tear down the church we had built.  A sand viper had made it's home under the pulpit and the minister killed it with the cross.  I wish I could think of some witty remark to go with that.  LOL!

I believe the Black Mamba is up there for land snakes.





or ... a TIGER, if you prefer!

I guess I should have posted this discussion in the Harry Potter group "Hogwarts". Thanks Steph.

nah -- that's OK.  Thanks for the discussion.  I noticed you added it there too.




Good Deal!




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