What is your point of view for a proper Society ?

I don't believe in the Society thing. There is a lot of causes that drove me away from "Society". The concept of society is fully rely on collectivism. And there is no such perfect explanation about a proper society. In my point of view, a society is only for interdependent people, because they don't have enough faith on themselves . Being an atheist I'd say self-reliant is the main reason that's why I'm an atheist. If I were not an atheist then I would probably rotten on a society. In another words, atheism make us self-reliant.  

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Like it or not, Homo sapiens is a SOCIAL animal.  We survived by relying on each other and acting as a group when predators who were individually faster, more powerful and more dangerous than individual humans started figuring we were easy pickings.  The groups we lived in back then were their "society," even as the groups we live in now are the same.

With learning, development, sophistication and technology, it is more possible for individuals to live on their own, independent of the collective.  Keep in mind, however, it was the collective that makes that latter-day independence possible.  If you want to live completely apart from society, I would suggest you consider very carefully all the implications of that statement.  The Elizabeth Warren quote above isn't 100% on point here, but it has something to say.

I'd recommend listening.

I'd say this

A distinction without a difference amounts to no distinction.  For all appearances, you want contact, just not in-person contact.  Your talk about independence from society is rubbish.  Do you grow your own food, build your own transportation, manufacture your own computer?  Do you recognize that you are on a network which depends on people for its maintenance and attending a website which is also peopled?

If you want to be aloof from society, that's one thing.  Being independent has considerably greater implications which I doubt you've considered.

To me your stated attitude is a sad thing.

Family, friends, community are all things that make living worthwhile. Divorcing yourself from all that is not going to make you happier or more complete as a person.

The social contract that makes that possible does restrict your absolute freedom, but absolute freedom is hardly an admirable goal in my book.

Whats so wrong with collectivism anyway? I make my life better by making other peoples better. That's how we evolved to live as a species.

I'll grant you along the way certain modes of society such as feudalism, theocracies, slavery, soviet style communism and to a lesser extent rampant capitalism have not been ideal. 

I think, and maybe its more like hope, that we as a species are moving towards a society where these social ills are never repeated and it is that society i believe in and support.

Turning your back on it wont help it come into being.


G, who hurt you and in what ways?

I just getting rid of the 'society' thing.

You won't say who hurt you? Do you remember?

I just want to live independent. 

Then you can answer all of Loren's questions in the affirmative?

Do you want to get rid of fascism or society because those are not the same thing.  I am starting to agree with some one here that you do not understand what "society" is.

Society is the term to describe human beings together. It does not refer to everything everybody thinks or does, but only to those things that everybody acts upon - or refuses to do - quite reliably.


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