Title pretty much says it all, but I became one because:
-Catholicism's ideology just didn't make sense
-I had some major issues with their core beliefs
-my Confirmation program at my church made me really think about what I was believing
-I just don't think that this God that I was brought up with exists.
-My mom constantly imposing on me made me realize that a life with religion was not a life I wanted to live at all
-I believe man created God, not the other way around.

I am interested in your experiences :) so do tell!

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Nothing made me become atheist. I chose to become atheist because there is no reason to think that god exists and there exists no evidence in god's favor.
I spent several years letting go of god, due to being brainwashed since early childhood. It was hard. But one of the things that really polished it off was the realization that xtians will believe anything, even if it makes no sense. This is evidenced by the email I get from my religious family. Do they really believe that you can unlock a car with a tennis ball and that Obama is the antichrist, etc? Don't expect me to give respect to your calls on my skepticism if you believe all that hooey AND Noah's ark, and all those other fairytales.
I actually studied it. Not just the Holy Books themselves, but their histories. Going to a Jesuit university meant that I read the works of Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, The Lives of St. Frances and Anthony, Monasticism versus Scholasticism, and a million other things I can't remember. I once heard someone say that if you want to make an atheist, send them to the Jesuits. It's so true!!!
1) used to be religious Buddhist

2) history of religions and science

3) joined christian Bethany,bible study, tried Scientology (the most stupid things i ever did in my life)

4) constant religious conflict in my country

5) Richard Dawkins
That is the easiest question ever in my view...Simple.....
I was an atheist since i was 16 or so, i think. Its not like before 16 i was strictly religious.I dont know what was going on that time.I stopped praying after that.Its not like, i prayed a lot before.I prayed,but very less.Never had interest to do that.Just i prayed some as the family use to do.So iam an atheist always. I didnt changed myself to atheist by seeing any website or someone told me to....Its easy to understand these. For everything there should be a Proof. And there ain't no proof that there is a GOD.

So GOD created everything ...for religious people(But he wont show himself / Wont do anything ..very nice) GOD is in everywhere(Buildings,sky ?Ever),,,Alright...
So GOD is watching the the bad people who are enjoying themselves(rape,killing etc..so on) and will only punish them after they are dead and reaches him.And why he have to wait that long ? Does this makes any sense ?

Why he has to allow bad people enjoy here ?
How he can create a Bad Human being ?

Theists talk about the Holy book as proof always...Bible, Quran..?Ever .God gave it ..like that. There is a limit for anything...this is too much.
So where is that Manly God...who can see and talk ? Where ?
Any book is written by a Human being only.....

Theists always talk like they have seen GOD in real.But they have not seen anything...just by reading tales from a book.

Many good people are dying daily in many ways(Accidents,Natural disasters,Human killing Human,Animal killing Human,etc...so on).
Why cant the GOD stop it from happening.So he is enjoying it ? So he will create a living thing & destroys whenever he wants ?
Its not like that.Actually he cant do anything,because he never exists.
Human beings discovered many things and also that religion / God stuff. Some of the Early Humans created the Religion thing to take control of others.

The things i said above came to my mind long before and i changed. Simple.....
art, pot, meditating amongst mangroves/reefs, love, death, taxes, driving, near death experiences, youtube, hang-overs, science and did I mention cheaters that never prospered only in their jockish-corporate-dramalayden-über xtian-jewish spit on the little guy attitudes at my many jobs... that bottom line is a drag; oh and my many many ex-satanic friends (ok, so I went through too many years of screw faces from the posh priests and their annoying sheeple)


Sorry, couldn't resist the bad joke.

Seriously though, I think it was an unavoidable outcome of my early fascination with science and science fiction. As a kid I loved dinosaurs and space travel and would spend my recess period in the library reading the encyclopedia. I was raised Southern Baptist ("free will," fundamentalist) and even was baptized at age 12. Within a year I had rejected all religion and set out on a quest to judge everything rationally and live my life through logic. Until very recently I called myself an agnostic because of the argument that we can never know for certain. Now I embrace the term atheist because nothing is certain and the existence of god clearly falls into the extremely improbable range, along with all fairy tales.
As a kid I loved dinosaurs and space travel and would spend my recess period in the library reading the encyclopedia.

Dinosaurs were the best thing ever, I am still fascinated by them, in my own life time the brontosaurus became extinct, and birds became dinosaurs with feathers.




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