Inspired by Roxi Atomic's discussion, "What are your pet peeves?"  

I thought this needed a more positive word than "unpeeve".

Watching a particularly colourful sunrise over the mountains.

The first ripe tomato of the season.

Being understood without having to go into a long discussion of personal history, societal issues, world view, etc...

Seeing the first hummingbird of the season.

Meeting someone who it seems like you've known forever.

Intellectual stimulation.

Clever turns of phrase.

Being able to extrapolate.


Having a place like Atheist Nexus where I can hobnob with fellow non-theists.

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The Husband of Word Association thread is still active ... :)
I'm happy that Chaka Khan.
Sitting in a tranquil setting with no other humans around, watching ufc while eating fried chicken and drinking diet coke, jamming with music buddies, or surprising someone with a gift.
what makes me happy?.........
1. my children
2. my children happy
3. my children healthy
4. my children being skeptical thinkers
5. my children loving me in return :)
Having a handful of dear friends who, even when I know it causes me pretty extreme pain, can make me laugh without even trying.
The moment a song goes from my ears, through my brain and sets my heart on fire like a new born sun!
When, for once, a long lost friend is looking for me, rather than me looking for them.
12 items or fewer
Having my 4 grand kids around.
Finishing a carving and being pleased with it.
Getting a great idea for a carving.
Road trips.
Finding a unique restaurant on the road trip.
Large extended family meals.
Being in the mountains by a river pretending I'm fishing.
Wasting time with friends bullshitting.
Sitting in a hot pool in Ojo Caliente, NM.
Peace of mind.
I've got one, I listen to ambient music, usually called "Space Trance". I have a very specific track I listen to. Then I think about the universe that is, and try to comprehend the vast size of it... such tranquility...

Unfortunately my mind is simply unable to understand the size, and thinking about the diversity of different that must exist in exotic places.

Now that is what makes me happy.
Tea. Black, white, green, red, I drink several cups a day.
Dream Theater.
Drag queens.
Men kissing.
Ragtime piano.
Charlie Chaplin.
Things from 100 years ago. Or really any time in the past.



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