Inspired by Roxi Atomic's discussion, "What are your pet peeves?"  

I thought this needed a more positive word than "unpeeve".

Watching a particularly colourful sunrise over the mountains.

The first ripe tomato of the season.

Being understood without having to go into a long discussion of personal history, societal issues, world view, etc...

Seeing the first hummingbird of the season.

Meeting someone who it seems like you've known forever.

Intellectual stimulation.

Clever turns of phrase.

Being able to extrapolate.


Having a place like Atheist Nexus where I can hobnob with fellow non-theists.

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+1 for Dream Theater
I am happy when I realize that my life is my own, that my successes and skills and accomplishments are my own, that I can do what makes me feel good without feeling guilty for doing so, that I can help other people because I want to and not because it's demanded of me.
Watching my children enjoying themselves or taking pride in some accomplishment.

Feeling warm sunshine soak through my skin and down to my bones.

Walking barefoot, especially in the sand or lush grass.

Getting lost in a kiss.

A cup of tea in my favorite mug and just the right temperature.

Someone doing something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return.

A homegrown tomato that is really red, smooth and flavorful.

Everyday that goes by without me having a bout of depression.

Being pregnant (or now, the memory of it).

Noticing wildflowers in unexpected places.

Gentle caresses all over.

Knowing that I have helped someone.

Singing along to my favorite songs.

Realizing that so many things make me happy.

Cooking a nutritious meal that my whole family loves.

Creating a fun birthday theme for each of my kids' special days.

Reading outloud to my children.

Sewing--the bigger and more complicated the project the better.

Learning something new.

Cuddling and chatting with a SO.

Gardening and yardwork--all of it, mowing, weeding, digging, planting, blazing trails through the woods, etc.

Lots of healthy houseplants.

Burning candles on gloomy/rainy/wintery days.

Watching a really good movie that keeps me on the edge of my seat, or makes me laugh a lot, or makes me cry, or get angry.

Dressing nice, doing my hair and feeling attractive.

Getting a chance to socialize and connect with others.

The sound of my windchimes in the fall breeze.

Getting cozy with a gripping Scifi novel, a cup of tea, and some cookies.

Okay, I'll stop
Heh. You don't have to stop. This was inspiring.
Prove it, then! Close this window and try to recreate Dejah's list from scratch!
Sorry Jaume, my testosterone levels are pretty low today.
Do you mean testosterone is the hormone responsible for inspiration?
Heh. I took the tone of your previous comment as a challenge, like to a duel or something.
My recently planted strawberries in bloom!

(I've never grown strawberries before.)
Wow. No farmers' markets in Misery? Until my strawberries ripen, I'm getting mine from a farm stand down the road. The flavour is root, stem, and leaf above things shipped in from elsewhere.
Strong coffee, good weed (medicinally naturally), a cat doing something clutzy and pretending it didn't happen, watching our garden grow, and preparing good food for good friends
That there are people like Grungetta and all the other participants to make this list. Realizing that I'm smiling while reading it.


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