Inspired by Roxi Atomic's discussion, "What are your pet peeves?"  

I thought this needed a more positive word than "unpeeve".

Watching a particularly colourful sunrise over the mountains.

The first ripe tomato of the season.

Being understood without having to go into a long discussion of personal history, societal issues, world view, etc...

Seeing the first hummingbird of the season.

Meeting someone who it seems like you've known forever.

Intellectual stimulation.

Clever turns of phrase.

Being able to extrapolate.


Having a place like Atheist Nexus where I can hobnob with fellow non-theists.

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I was a cop. And, I resemble that remark.
What kind?
The first cup of coffee in the morning (mmmm legal drugs) closely followed by the second cup.
The knowledge that, to a great extent, I have led a "charmed life" without being "saved" by son of sky daddy. Which, if he exists, means that he is more than happy for me to be a non believer.

A female hand (its ok, it is the wife's) wandering slowly down from my chest...

A summer sunrise in Edinburgh.

Boating on English canals.

Rural France.

Summer 1970. (Long story)
How about "foofaraw?" "Piffle?" And of course ... "PHOOEY!"
Tomfoolery. Yes I do use that word. Also, crum-bum.
the predator
see more Lol Celebs
Grundgy, YOU are WARPED!!!
This makes me think of the Masters of the Universe Xmas Special. The kids were captured by Skeletor and were trying to explain to him about how fun Xmas is, like wrapping presents and giving them to each other...

"...And then when you open them they explode!?" he said excitedly.
The news that my holiday to Turkey is going ahead as planned makes me incredibly happy today!
Go you!




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