Inspired by Roxi Atomic's discussion, "What are your pet peeves?"  

I thought this needed a more positive word than "unpeeve".

Watching a particularly colourful sunrise over the mountains.

The first ripe tomato of the season.

Being understood without having to go into a long discussion of personal history, societal issues, world view, etc...

Seeing the first hummingbird of the season.

Meeting someone who it seems like you've known forever.

Intellectual stimulation.

Clever turns of phrase.

Being able to extrapolate.


Having a place like Atheist Nexus where I can hobnob with fellow non-theists.

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Pretty much everything mentioned here. (What is the opposite of "peeve"?)

Black cats, Blue Russian cats, tuxedo cats.

Sleeping in. With a cat and spouse.

Falling asleep to crickets. Waking up to birds.


My awesome friends.

Getting good clothes, books, and almost everything I want for cheap/free just by waiting a little.

The endorphin rush of weightlifting.

Awesome music.

Good weed.


Hey, I'm in a good mood now!!!
A Bialy
old school RPGs
my iPod
writing stuff
reading a good book
Other cute and small animals dogs
Other pretty colours
Good books
Good friends
Becoming better at something
Learning a new card trick
Finally F**KING tuning my ukulele
Receiving a present for no reason
Giving a present for no good reason
Not dying
Getting a new video game
Beating an old video game
Revisiting classic video games
Pwning a troll
Being happy
All the phases of the moon
Quantum physics
Learning something new
Winning a debate with a Christian (Note: I only assume this would make me happy, they ragequit before I have a chance to win)
Realizing this list is a little too long
Deciding that I don't really care
Making someone else laugh
Comforting someone sad
Delicious food
People I care about
Noticing that one of the tags for this is "happy happy joy joy"
Scientific advances
Ending this list, but not right now
That Mitchell and Webb Look
Lewis Black
Tim Minchin
George Carlin
Bo Burnham
Stephen Lynch

Note: This isn't everything that makes me happy.
ooh - I want to add a full moon

seeing someone do a random nice thing for a stranger

and I certainly vote for Daniel's shared shower (with someone special, of course).
Okay, here's a couple:

  • Stretching the "legs" of my 325i on some open road, without benefit of gendarmes
  • "Spinning it" on my bicycle on a sunny day.
  • Enjoying a Cleveland Orchestra concert, especially when they've programmed a favorite piece of mine
  • Doing something or nothing with my gal
  • Becoming totally involved in listening to my sound system when it's really singing (which is most of the time!)
  • Talking with my kid, learning what's going on in her life and getting an enormous kick out of the woman she has become
  • Sipping a good single-malt whisky ... MacAllan, Glenlivet, and Glenmorangie come to mind, among many others
  • Enjoying a good meal, whether in-house with my gal or out at a restaurant we both enjoy

That's the short list ... but a fair representation of what works for me.
You made me blush................
Drinking a good ale, especially one that I've brewed myself

Discovering something new

Winning a debate or having someone confirm that I'm right

Fresh veggies picked from my garden

Helping strangers

A good book, good music

A home-cooked meal with family or friends

Telling people about my current obsession
Good ones Tom: winning debates is fun! And having obsessions is also fun!
A ripe nectarine

Puns, especially bad ones

For your enjoyment: Some very bad puns.
Maybe you should instead be studying to become a cop.




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