What religion has contributed to the world - Special Report #5: The Victims of Blasphemy Laws

The YouTube member ConversationWithA has produced a special report on the issue of blasphemy in islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.  The barbarism and utter depravity represented by the following video is yet more evidence of the madness which places the importance of words over that of human beings.

About all I can do at this point is shake my head and ask that you watch, if for no other reason than to more fully inform yourselves to just what it is we are up against.

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Tough stuff to sit through, Loren.  Really depressing.  I've always said we're all, all of us, accidents of birth.  Just thinking about the chances of being born into a Muslim family is terrifying.  But not too much more so that being born into a fundamentalist Christian sect.  We have our own jihadists here.  Higher learning institutions like Liberty University are not much different than madrasahs where Wahhabist hatred of the West is taught, since many if not most evangelicals hate Muslims. The only thing keeping our own nation from being like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia is the First Amendment, and as you know, the Dominionists are working hard to bring theocracy to America.  Thanks for providing the vid.  We need to know as much as we can about the enemy, whether in the Mideast or in the States.

The very last segment, with Lou Dobbs talking about the UN resolution, makes the point that if binding on member nations, it would include Islam. He's correct, of course. But it would also include Christianity, here in the US. And, let me guess. That would also include Judaism, which I'm relatively certain not, one single solitary member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference would enforce. Probably the just the opposite. In Mecca, if you insult Judaism, you get a cookie. If you insult Islam, you get razor cut at the neckline. 

James is right. The proponents of this totalitarian principle are the enemies of humanity and civilization - both the Dominionists here, and Muslims who seem to be everywhere.

They're also the enemies of free speech, including and especially blasphemy, mockery and derision aimed at their beliefs.  They don't care if someone else's ox gets gored, only their own.

Thanks for posting.  Now I need a Prozac.

Sorry Loren, I couldn't finish watching the video.  All I could think is "giant glass parking lots".  That isn't fair to the reasonable people that do live in that area.

These wrenching reports and images chill me to the bone. All these imperatives to obey, submit, and acquiesce to religious dogma are key to the underlying problems facing Earth and all living things. Dominion of one or another religion smacks of superstition and lack of education. Even a notion of a "web of life" in which we all live as part of a much larger whole does not pass their mental barriers.
A struggle against family violence exists as part of the fabric of dominionism. It is part of a much larger roll of cloth; resisting them in support of reason, critical thinking, and understanding creates chaos, even as they strive for decent attitudes and behaviors.

My feeling is that since Islam hates us already and do the most despicable things without any provocation other than the belief that we are infidels and therefore evil, we should give them good reason to hate us.  After the next terrorist attack on the west by Islam, raze Mecca and Medina.  This religion is a cancer eating away at society and needs to be excoriated without delay or our daughters will have acid thrown in their faces because they attend school and our military personnel will be beheaded in our streets.

Pay close attention to what is going on in London.

I have noted what is going on with shariah zones in Britain with considerable unease and downright disgust and commented on that matter on a video posted by A|N member Napoleon Bonaparte.  Her Majesty's government has made a massive mistake in allowing two standards of law for its citizens where there should be only ONE.  Were I empowered to do so, shariah law there would be cut off at the knees with no apology, and if islamic fundamentalists there dont' like it, they can damned well emigrate.

As for Mecca and Medina, they will likely remain untouched so long as the US cares for Saudi oil.  Iran, on the other hand, may get substantially spanked if they want to persist in their nuclear program.  In any case, it is well past time that islam got called to task for its bullshit.  Hitchens and Harris have done so repeatedly to limited and generally friendly reception.  It's time that audience was radically expanded.

There is a further point as regards hitting places like Mecca or Medina: the fact that most of the rest of the world would see that as being as barbarous an act as 9/11 was.  Islam as an entity would have to disqualify itself so blatantly before an attack of that nature would be even remotely palatable that I can't even think of what manner of action would rise to that level.

Granted, they ARE disqualified to US, but the rest of the world doesn't see it that way, and it is liable to be centuries before some of them do.

There's a reason Islam is winning the propaganda war, and allowed to have Sharia zones in London, and demand and receive special privileges in Europe. The Islamists believe it's because they (like all theists) have a monopoly on truth. They're wrong, of course, on that point. The reason they're expanding and doing so well is the same reason Hitler did so well in Europe in the 1930s. (I can see it coming - Pat just proved Godwin's law). Hear me out. 

There was only one European leader who had the courage to stand up to Hitler prior to WWII. Strangely enough, that was Benito Mussolini in 1934 when he massed Italian troops at the Brenner Pass against a German takeover of Austria that year. It worked. However, every other European leader gave into the bully tactics and threats of violence until, on September 1, 1939, it was too late. Bombing Mecca and Medina are not the answer. Sending the British military into London's Sharia zones, much like the British Army occupies Belfast, Enniskillen, and Derry, would be a first step. Shutting down mosques where imams openly preach violence toward the government as traitorous act by those imams would be the next. And forcibly closing Sharia courts is yet another step. If the Islamists don't like it, they're certainly free to go back to whatever one of Allah's litter box countries they came from. Same thing in France, Holland, and elsewhere.  Allowing the English Defense League to speak freely about the cultural destruction of the UK, rather than silencing them is another remedy. 

Bear in mind, I'm not advocating violence, but am advocating standing up to it. Don't kow tow to threats, but do stand up to them. Don't accommodate bullies, but put them in their place. Don't accord fanatics special privileges, but force them to abide by the same rules as everyone else. Now, if they do engage in violent acts, then my advice would be the same as given by Sean Connery to Kevin Costner in the movie The Untouchables. " He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! That's the Chicago way..." Too bad British PM MacMillan, French Premier Leon Blum, and Russian dictator Stalin hadn't seen the movie. And, what's worse, neither have the current European leaders who are repeating history.

What. You. Said!

Bombing Berlin preemptively would have never been considered as a way of averting the war yet that is precisely what we had to do in order to defeat Germany. It was simply a question of when not if.  All your objections make sense if mutual coexistence is agreed on by both sides or is at least possible.  My argument is that it is not and one does not preach tolerance regarding people who behead other people in broad daylight. This is a culture that is looking to take over and convert everyone, like it or not.  Islam will bring us back to the stone age if it can; it did the exact thing to its own culture. I agree that we should pay very careful attention to what is going on in London and all over England. .




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