What religion has contributed to the world - Special Report #5: The Victims of Blasphemy Laws

The YouTube member ConversationWithA has produced a special report on the issue of blasphemy in islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.  The barbarism and utter depravity represented by the following video is yet more evidence of the madness which places the importance of words over that of human beings.

About all I can do at this point is shake my head and ask that you watch, if for no other reason than to more fully inform yourselves to just what it is we are up against.

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The situations of Berlin in WWII and Saudi Arabia in the here and now are hardly parallel.  Nazi Germany was a clearly perceived enemy, actively engaging the entire European theater in a declared state of war.  SA is just sitting their with their oil ... which a LOT of folks, including but not limited to the US, want ... and, granted, being the home of Wahhabi / Salafi Islam, perhaps the most extreme form of that religion.  They are also currently considered a US ally, and dumping on allies out of the clear blue is just plain bad form, sure as hell when no formal declarations of hostilities have been made.  Iran by comparison is far more obviously antagonistic with their current nuclear program.  My thought is that they'll find the bulls-eye on their backs long before the Saudis do.

The problem with Islam is that it is an idea - amorphous - without a genuine target to hit and hurt them substantially.  Hitting Mecca or Medina would hurt them far less than it would piss them off and unify them against us - totally wrong move under the current circumstances.  As things are, we fight them where we see them and where we know they are - far more a a guerrilla campaign than the open engagements which were the Second World War.  That fight was ridiculously simple compared to the current conditions and opponents.

I wish it were otherwise.  For what I can see, it ain't.


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