What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 10 (August-September 2013)

I would have thought that, with all the attention and at least some action taken to publicize and stop the actions of pedophile priests to this point that such activity would dwindled down in the here and now.  Silly me.  Oh, and we can't have women going out without their hijab, now, can we.  Sorry, but we have to cut you to pieces for that.

So ... no great surprise that religion continues to show itself off for the idiotic, anachronistic, misogynistic and generally ratbag concept that it is ... as evinced by the current episode of What Religion Has Contributed to the World This Month:

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Oh, but those were just a few bad apples. We can't be blaming the vast majority of <fill in the blank> for their actions.

Well, those were bad apples too.

Sure, those are bad apples as well.

Umm...bad apples over here.

Uh, I admit these are more bad apples...bad apples...bad apples...bad apples...that does not compute...danger Will Robinson...there is no sanctuary


Is there a pattern here? Common denominator to be found? Sighhh...


Just reloaded the video from ConversationWithA, as he had to edit his for copyright reasons ... but all the essential goodies are still there.




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