What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 12 (October-November 2013)

The first report in this particular episode is the one I find the most disturbing, because of the kids.  I'm supposed to believe that the kids decided to join the protest all on their own, that their own independent study of the quran has led them to the desire to prevent any chance that their prophet might be maligned? 

Someone, please ... WHY am I having such a hard time believing this? [sigh]

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I've only started watching this series because you post it. Never heard of it before you began posting, but it is very good and often unbelieveable.

Greater Grace Church. Greater than what? Doesn't this make you seem favored?

Young children going to protect the honor of their prophet, and they came to that decision on their own. They could have just as easily have been persuaded to adore SheeRa.

A school bus driving minister that loses his job over the issue of prayer on a school bus. Why would anyone be praying on a school bus? If they prayed properly who would ever know they were praying? Who made this an issue? Who would even give a damn if you prayed on a school bus? Maybe this is the driver's way of getting attention.

Oh, and those poor aborted babies. Everyone knows that they have "souls" and that they are instantly in heaven. Ask the gullible where that is, and they might reply that the babies are "under the alter." I'm not sure what that means either. There is a stage where the fetus of a pig and a human look alike. Ask the gullible which fetus is which and they reply "god knows." That is exactly the point! Nothing based on any real knowledge here. They just made it all up!

They made it all up, all right ... and insist that you believe it, lest you be condemned to hell ... or to social ostracism.

I find it believable, too, Dennis.  I wish I didn't.


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