What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 14 (December-January 2014)

Kids beaten because they're supposedly demons, a young boy whose penis was cut off by a mohel, a religious organization ruling that the internet is illegal in their country, a young girl saddled with a suicide vest, and children who contracted polio because the aid workers who would have inoculated them against the disease were killed by religious extremists ... among other horrors.

Honestly ... I would give real money to see the man who produces these videos run out of material.  Sadly, I fear he will have grist for his mill for a long time to come.

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The producer, like a mortician, will have a secure lifetime supply of material. And, like a mortician, his source is the never ending death and destruction brought about by religion.

If life is, then death is inevitable, I suspect.  One hopes that, as humankind grows and matures, the inevitability of religion becomes far less so than it is now.




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