What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 8 (June-July 2013) [YouTube]

We already know the crap that religion subjects people to.  Still, for those who may wonder or who want to be able to show theists who want to believe that their religion is all sweetness and light, YouTube member ConversationWithA has done a compilation of news events, demonstrating all the wonderfulness [/sarcasm] brought to us in the name of religion.

I'm giving serious thought to reposting subsequent videos by ConversationWithA here as well as a continuing reminder of what we're up against.

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"Yet, I cannot help but to have consternation at their society which, while abandoning the tenets of Christianity, allows an equally virulent and vicious form of superstition, Islam, to flourish unchallenged."

I worry that our time will come. I don't like speaking poorly of entire groups of people but Islam is like a cancer. While small, the tumor appears benign but as it grows it eventually kills the body.

I realize most muslims are non-violent, contributing members of our society. Unfortunately, the religion itself, in it's intended form, is incompatible with a free society.

What can be done and at the same time protect individual freedoms? I think certain basic human rights must be upheld, irregardless of their inclusion within a religion. Mutilating children is flat out wrong. I refused to have my son circumcised, even though my wife is catholic. If he wants to hack his wankie as an adult, he can have at it. I'll have no part of it. Forcing any woman to be mutilated should be approached as a human rights violation, with any church participation punished by banning and dissolving the church. I don't know how difficult that would be to enforce though as some people appear determined to participate no matter how difficult we might make it.

Good idea Loren I'll be watching.




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