What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 9 (July-August 2013)

Attacks on women with acid, accusations of apostasy for blog posts or tweets, with threats of jail, lashes and possibly death, singling out a gay couple for being a publicly gay couple ... these are just a few of the lovely contributions religion has given us over the months of July and August, 2013.

Ordinarily, I'd say, "Please enjoy," but...

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I found the first half of that video compelling. It indeed shows a direct correlation between religion and human rights abuses. The second half of that video, undermines the entire work. It attempts to correlate sexual abuse and pedophilia with religiosity. This is a correlation too far. Sexual abuse is not caused by religion.

Making that false association in the video puts the entire work on thin ice.  We have to be careful to be accurate and not to exaggerate the evils of religion.



Sexual abuse may not be caused by religion, but organized religion regularly hides from its responsibilities in this regard, most particularly in the case of the catholic church.  I still can't help but notice that the RC church continues to skate on their culpability, that damned few if any arrests have been made, and that the Vatican continues to get their way to handle this problem in-house when any other organization indulging in such heinous activities would have been systematically dismantled, charged, convicted and ruined.

Churches continue to get a pass on this because they are churches.  It is well past time that STOPPED.


If a piece of agitprop is to have effect, it must not exaggerate to the point where opponents can pick it apart in any way. I agree with you about the Catholic church. However, the video I am questioning did not reference the catholic church. Only fundamentalist christian churches were referenced in the sexual abuse half. Even if the video had mentioned the catholic church, the connection between pedophilia and religion would be difficult to make. It's a psychological defect having nothing to do with religion.

To illustrate my point more clearly; correlating religion to the NSA spying frenzy of late, would have had an equally damaging effect on the entire piece. It would be as absurd. The video damages itself by making unwarranted associations. 



Groovy ... go tell YouTube User ConversationWithA, as he is the one who produced this video and the previous one I posted a few weeks ago.  I'm sure he'll appreciate the feedback.

Don't take it personally, I am not judging you, only the video. If I were a christian all I would have to point out is the fact that the U.S. military hides, obfuscates, and denies sexual abuse as strongly as the catholic church does. 

I have no interest in educating ConversationWithA. My interest is to help people in this community be better at fighting the evils of religion. 

Since you posted the video without negative comment, perhaps you should be the one to help ConversationWithA do better in the future?


I can't see the video (ISP data limit), so what I say is necessarily out of context to it specifically.  Nonetheless (not one to let ignorance dissuade me), I'll comment that while religion may not be the proximate cause of pedophilia, it is often the fertile field in which it grows.  You could say that slavery was not the cause of the American Civil War, and it wasn't the sole cause.  The concept of 'state's rights' was constitutionally valid, while some of Lincoln's actions were not -- at least not yet.  But that concept of state's rights harbored the institution of slavery and so itself became unsupportable in the inexorable march toward basic human dignity.

Likewise, religion has harbored the practice of pedophilia and has lent its authority to claims of special exemption for no other reason than that it is religion, and so claims to be off-limits.  Loren is absolutely right that no other institution in our society would be granted special dispensation to deal in-house with such atrocities.  When religion allows, perhaps even causes, this social sore to fester it may be time to consider whether the entire structure of religion is worth maintaining.





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