I wanted to take an informal poll.  My question is the result of a discussion I had with a high octane Christian friend of mine.  In a rare occurrence we broached the topic of religion.  At one point he said, well, you're an Atheist because you were raised Catholic.  Most Atheists are former Catholics.  He went on to explain that since the Catholic church is soooo far removed from the true gospels that blah, blah,blah.  And that's why I'm an Atheist and priests like to fondle little boys.  I know there are a bunch of Catholics out here so his comment could just be a statistical observation or he might just flat out hate Catholics almost as much as he hate Athists.  He does not hate be because, lets face it who could.  

Anyway, I was just wondering how many former Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, etc  were on our site.

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Though raised an atheist by atheist parents, I was christened Church Of England originally. Upon the birth of my second child I was visited by a minister in the hospital to see if I wanted my child blessed or if I needed guidance. I said no thank you as I was not a catholic, he informed me that he was an Anglican minister, I replied that I was not Anglican either, I was christened Church of England but I am an atheist. He then told me that C of E had been changed to Anglican some years back. I replied that that was even more reason for me to be atheist, they went and changed the name of 'my' religion without informing me!. More hypocrisy!.

I was a Southern Baptist. In the Bible Belt.

Actually, I was raised Catholic, however, it was rather mild no bad experiences. My dad worked at a catholic printing press for awhile and most of the priests and brothers were pretty cool.  Did dabble in pseudo-paganism for awhile. tarot cards and that kind of shit (insert blush here). 

Most Protestants sects do not think Catholics are real Christians, I remember hearing that when I was a teen. 

I was raised in the Mennonite church. My parents were both Amish when they were younger and switched to Mennonite (mom when she was about 10, because my grandfather wanted a tractor on his farm, and dad when he turned 18 for several reasons, but mostly because he wanted a car). Mennonites follow the Antibaptist tradition, so I was baptized around 12 or 13 by my own free will. When I went off to college, that was pretty much that. I dabbled in the new age thing for a while, and the "spiritual but not religious" thing (along with joining Landmark Education, which is another story for another time), but eventually it just all fell away.

Mormon, from 8-19 y.o. Mother non-practising Mormon, father non-practising Catholic. Got baptised at 8 into Mormon church by my aunt. Went until joined USAF, never really believed as I recall, but friends at church and things to do.

I guess I was vaguely Christian in childhood, but I don't remember my parents ever teaching me that I should be practicing a particular form of Christianity though they themselves are Christians.

I liked all the trappings of neo-paganism in my teens and early 20s. It was fun to wear pretty jewelry and read poetry in the woods. ;) 

Living near the butt crack under the bible belt (Arkansas)....so you guessed it; baptist. Yep, lots of hell fire and damnation in my past.  Started out doing the same thing to our three children. My husband, at one time many years ago, seriously thought about becoming a youth minister. Yikes! Of course at the time we all thought it was great. I can remember, even back then, thinking "Oh yeah, we'll have lots of friends and be doing stuff all the time." I think even back then it was just a social thing for me. Anyway, atheism was a long journey of many years for me. We pretty much just slowly stopped going to church and I one day, out of boredom, looked up contridictions in the bible. It grew from there. Our youngest son was actually the first person who came out atheist in our family. He came to us with tears in his eyes, scared to death to tell us he didn't believe in any of that stuff. He was 11. I just gave him a big hug and told him it was ok and that I didn't believe anymore either. We had a big family discussion that night and all three kids admitted they were atheists. At that point my husband still believed there was a creator god but that he was an asshole who just wanted a giant human "ant farm" for entertainment. Poor guy, I thought it was so much sadder to think god was there and just didn't give a rats azzz about us than to just believe he wasn't there at all.

I guess that was a long answer, sorry.


"Proud to say my entire life of 40 years... 100% atheist."

I'll be 50 in April, …50 years an atheist.




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