I was musing about the status I posted a bit ago and some other quotes regarding religion and atheism I was browsing through and the following came to me:

  • Religion is not about rights; it is about obedience.
  • Religion is not about knowledge; it is about dogma.
  • Religion is not about freedom; it is about submission.
  • Religion is not about learning; it is about indoctrination.

I was wondering if some of the rest of the troops here on A|N could come up with similar statements and post them here.  Indeed, while writing this, I just thought of one more:

  • Religion is not about truth; it is about fiction.

Let's see what we can do with this.

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Religion is not about morality; it is about repression.

Religion is not about tolerance; it is about bigotry.

Religion is not about peace; it is about conquest.

Religion is not about dignity; it is about self loathing.

Grazie, bro!

Di niente!

Religious people are either fraudsters or idiots. A fraudster ? Like Tony Blair. He says he is a catholic but is too educated, experienced and intelligent to believe nonsense. He is an example of a religious fraudster who propagates religion for ulterior reasons, in his case, seeing religion as a basis for morality, good and order. Religion is his business now. We all know about the idiots.

Therefore I would add the following at your request;

- Religion is not about truth; it is about fraud and misconception.

Thanks! I agree!

I applaud everyone who has responded to Loren's discussion, and I applaud Loren. I cannot come up with anything to add that hasn't already been said. Well, maybe one thing...religion is misogynistic.

Well, you could say:

  • Religion is not about egalitarianism; it is about inequality.

Whatcha think?

Leave it to you to take what is meant to be a simple matter and try to expand it into over 500 words of distraction from the primary subject.  Brandi, there is a reason why people are getting upset at your participation in this site.  The above is considerable evidence to that effect.

It has been said the brevity is the soul of wit.  Can we culture a little of that here?

You have your opinion; I have mine ... and right now, all you're doing in attempting to defend your position is to reinforce how I feel about you and your participation.  You're not winning points here - you're LOSING them.

Give that some thought.

Okay ... problem resolved, pool reopened!  If you've got something to contribute by way of the format I've suggested here, please wade on in!

Yay!  It's adult swim time.  I can't seem to come up with anything to add that hasn't already been expressed.  I'm just glad to see this forum reopened.   

Perhaps:  Religion is not Truth; it is the denial of Truth. 

Quite a few people might agree with this broader view -- including adherents of Ethical Culture, which describes itself as a "religion" and just happens to have no use for gods.

Even if it is the byproduct of a cognitive adaptation, can we learn from and use the good parts?

From the website Why Won't God Heal Amputees? :

What about Churches

[...] Having recognized that God is imaginary, what happens to churches? I don't think anything "happens" to them. They continue to exist because they perform a useful function.

What is a church? It is a community of people who agree to get together regularly, help one another and share in each other's company. A church also helps people to focus on the general concept of goodness once a week -- that is generally what the sermon tries to accomplish. In addition, many churches have an outreach component. [...]

Once you remove the imaginary being [...] along with the book written by primitive men [...] do churches suddenly vanish? I don't think that is necessarily the case. In fact, it probably makes things better. [...] churches continue to exist as communities of people who enjoy each others' company, who help one another in times of need, and who focus on goodness and good deeds for the benefit of society as a whole. What's not to like about that?


(btw, this relates to the discussion "Should Humanists Do Rituals?" here on A|N -- worth a look.)


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