I was musing about the status I posted a bit ago and some other quotes regarding religion and atheism I was browsing through and the following came to me:

  • Religion is not about rights; it is about obedience.
  • Religion is not about knowledge; it is about dogma.
  • Religion is not about freedom; it is about submission.
  • Religion is not about learning; it is about indoctrination.

I was wondering if some of the rest of the troops here on A|N could come up with similar statements and post them here.  Indeed, while writing this, I just thought of one more:

  • Religion is not about truth; it is about fiction.

Let's see what we can do with this.

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Religion is not about inclusion. It is about exclusion.
Religion is not about forgiveness. It is about retribution.
Religion is not about illumination. It is about obfuscation.
Religion is not about understanding. It is about indoctination.
Religion is not about uplifting the many. It is about enriching the few.

Her is the Atheism is about ... version. Let me know if you don't like it.

Atheism is about inclusion. It is not about exclusion.
Atheism is about forgiveness. It is not about retribution.
Atheism is about illumination. It is not about obfuscation.
Atheism is about understanding. It is not about indoctrinations.
Atheism is about uplifting the many. It is not about enriching the few.
~ Sentient Biped

Atheism is about expanding your knowledge; not stifling it.

A variation on that theme:

Atheism is about asking questions, not about claiming to already have The Answer.

Or, as I've heard. Science has lots questions; some of which may never be answered. Religion has answers, none of which may ever be questioned.

Mmmmm, ba-da-bing!

Pat, I like that. 

This one is really good - sums things up nicely.

This site spurs imagination and creativity. Now, all we have to do is live up to our claims. The good news, we already are.
I'm sitting in my garden, watching No Tail Squirrel, lots of birds, and surrounded by blossoms from sage, mallow, clematis, roses, day lilies, mullein, my mind can soar with the birds. Thanks Loren.

I do what I can, Joan ... I do what I can.

and thanks to all who contribute.

Religion is not about learning; it is about indoctrination willful ignorance.




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