I was musing about the status I posted a bit ago and some other quotes regarding religion and atheism I was browsing through and the following came to me:

  • Religion is not about rights; it is about obedience.
  • Religion is not about knowledge; it is about dogma.
  • Religion is not about freedom; it is about submission.
  • Religion is not about learning; it is about indoctrination.

I was wondering if some of the rest of the troops here on A|N could come up with similar statements and post them here.  Indeed, while writing this, I just thought of one more:

  • Religion is not about truth; it is about fiction.

Let's see what we can do with this.

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Religion is not about partnership, it is about domination. 

Religion is not about participating, it is about submission. 

Religion is not about empowerment, it is about self-crucifixion. 

Religion is not about self-determination, it is about submitting. 

Religion is not about action, it is about yielding. 

Religion is not about thinking critically, it is about praying. 

Religion is not about thinking for oneself, it is about obeying. 

Religion is not about self-actualization, it is about turning the other cheek. 

Loren, you have done it again. A splendid exercise!

Religion is not about you; it is about me.

Religion is not about life; it is about the denial of death.

Religion is not about the conservation of morality; it is about excusing immorality.

Religion is not about history; it is about His story.

Religion is not about prophecy; it is about living in the past.

Religion is not about heaven or hell; it is about controlling others' actions using fear.

Religion is not about prayer; it is about carrying the childhood phase of having an imaginary friend into adulthood using socially acceptable means.

I could do this all night, but will stop here.  This has been fun Loren!

Excellent! I shall include them in "Atheism is about ... " unless your don't want me to. 

Hi Joan,

I apologize for the delayed response.  By all means please include them.  :)

Religion is not god made its man made. 

I like this, may I include it in "Atheism is about ... "?

I hope this is OK with everybody. If not, just let me know and I will delete it. 


Atheism is about …


·  Atheism is about rights; it is not about obedience.

·  Atheism is about knowledge; it is not about dogma.

·  Atheism is about freedom; it is not about submission.

·  Atheism is about learning; it is not about indoctrination.

·  Atheism is about truth; it is not about fiction.

·  Atheism is about egalitarianism; it is not about inequality.

~ Loren Miller


·  Atheism is about morality; it is not about repression.

·  Atheism is about tolerance; it is not about bigotry.

·  Atheism is about peace; it is not about conquest.

·  Atheism is about dignity; it is not about self loathing.

~ Pat 


·  Atheism is about truth; it is not about fraud and misconception.

~ Napoleon Bonaparte 


·  Atheism is about Truth; it is not about denial of Truth. 

~ The Flying Atheist 


·  Atheism is about comfort; it is not about delusion.

~ booklover 


·  Atheism is about peace; it is not about fear.

·  Atheism is about peace; it is not about guilt.

~ Idaho Spud 


·  Atheism is about others, it is not about one's self.

·  Atheism is about truth, it is not about certainty.

·  Atheism is about affirming life, it is not about denying death.

~ Richard Lawrence


·  Atheism is about partnership, it is not about domination. 

·  Atheism is about participating, it is not about submission. 

·  Atheism is about empowerment, it is not about self-crucifixion. 

·  Atheism is about self-determination, it is not about submitting. 

·  Atheism is about action, it is not about yielding. 

·  Atheism is about thinking critically, it is not about praying. 

·  Atheism is about thinking for oneself, it is not  about obeying. 

·  Atheism is about self-actualization, it is not about turning the other cheek. 

~ Joan Denoo 


I just hope that the "crime scene" tape around the monument is neither a wish nor a prophecy!

Thanks Joan. I like that American Atheists monument.  I've not seen it before.

Religion is not about inclusion. It is about exclusion.
Religion is not about forgiveness. It is about retribution.
Religion is not about illumination. It is about obfuscation.
Religion is not about understanding. It is about indoctination.
Religion is not about uplifting the many. It is about enriching the few.

Her is the Atheism is about ... version. Let me know if you don't like it.

Atheism is about inclusion. It is not about exclusion.
Atheism is about forgiveness. It is not about retribution.
Atheism is about illumination. It is not about obfuscation.
Atheism is about understanding. It is not about indoctrinations.
Atheism is about uplifting the many. It is not about enriching the few.
~ Sentient Biped


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