My fiancee does not subscribe to any particular faith, but she does believe in a higher power (God) and in a spiritual realm. She believes in angels and ghosts, heaven and hell, God and Satan.

I don't know what to call her. A spiritualist?

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If you read the "Bad Experiences" topic, you'll see my topic. I almost left her. We may be on the verge of split up now, but it has nothing to do with religion. I wouldn't feel so bad if it was.
yea, sorry about that. I posted over there when I saw it. First time poster here.
Thats quite alright. I'm glad to have you on here!
We're better now. She actuay left with the baby, but came back because she didn't want to leave me.
Knowing your that awesome is like pissing yourself in a dark get this warming sensation that no one else can see! LOL
My partner is still confused.
He is fine until his mother visits and they go do their little outings and such.
She is great and doesn't pressure him, but rather she goes about her normal ways of praying and such and includes him in it. He has no interest in religion or going to church and is so apathetic of religion that he doesn't mind praying when he's reminded that prayer exists.
Therefore, it doesn't impact our wonderful relationship at all.
He has told me (jokingly) before that I took jesus and xmas away from him by implanting doubts in his mind. LOL.

Personally, it really hurts me inside when I think that he would possibly accept a social culture that requires him to hate himself. Honestly, I think it's the shame of being an atheist that possibly keeps him on the fence. He's a very sweet, loving and fragile little man that tries to stay away from confrontation.

Years ago, we spoke of the situation that would possibly require him to renounce me as his partner if it would allow him to get into heaven. He said that he would. It was rather devastating, but we talked it out. I understood that it was just the psychotic hold of religion. We spoke about it a few months ago again and he said that he regretted saying that before and he would never pick anyone (especially someone he doesn't know really exists or not) over me. It was very sweet that he had been thinking about that periodically over the years and grown from it.
I'm glad you have such a wonderful man!

My fiancee is confused too. She's not sure what she believes. She just knows she's not an atheist! :-D
Ow! Anything but an ATHEIST. You got your work cut out for you, B. You've gotta show her how sweet, loving, cuddly and rational we are. ;-)
lol alright so my fiance is first off a catholic, in the pagan aspect. He doesn't go to church. He instead prays by himself. He also believes in energy in various items(like the various things he has in his bedroom). He also gives respect to one of the Roman gods, interestingly; Poseidon. He is quite interesting, and has his own interpretations of the bible. He believes in both evolution and creationism. There are a few other things that he believes, but he is not one to push his beliefs, which is one thing that I like. He used to be athiest like I am now, but I believe he was going through a chaotic time where he felt lost in the world. (I think that this idea that athiests are lost are carried on a lot by various fundamentalists.)
I personally think that my fiance is quite a character with his beliefs. Even though no other christian or catholic could possibly make sense of it, it makes sense to him.
Now his whole family are catholics. I don't know how hard a' catholics they are, but I understand that the most important figures in the household respect my beliefs.
My parents don't seem to really care about the influence of religion. If any of us asked a question growing up concerning religion, mom would give us an honest answer to the best of her ability. Prayer might show up at the dinner table, but thats it.
I'm married to a Catholic. He rarely goes to church and doesn't follow Catholic politics (pro-life, anti-gay, etc) but he does say the rosary now and then or the cross thing before starting the car. So I guess I'd call him a "feelgood" Catholic (Catholics? feelgood? haha). Sometimes I've talked about religion and he's sometimes been defensive but then I told him I like to debate, but if being religious makes him happy, then I WANT him to be that way, as opposed to turning atheist just b/c I turned atheist (which would be especially silly considering I wasn't atheist when I first met him, and before that I was kind of confused about religions).

My in-laws are very religious. I like them a lot, but luckily they live in India and don't know half of the details of my sordid, sinful life. If my mother in law found out I'm an atheist, I've been told she'll follow me around reading out of the bible!

The only thing that annoys me is when I've told him some of the latest atrocities the Catholic church has been doing (like not wanting to feed homeless people b/c of gays marrying) he just says "who has time to think of all that" and I think he doesn't say that quite so much when it's another religion.
well...My girlfriend is a "tru Christian" she was home schooled her whole life, is a bible litteralist, doesn't believe in MACRO Evolution but thinks its stupid to see that things don't adapt to there environment.

sometimes I feel like I should go find someone else...her WHOLE life almost revolves around god....
Mine....revolves around what ever I'm obsessed with at the time.

Im honestly thinking of writing a book on our relationship and her friends and mine and what not. shes's "scared" of my friends... yet I hang with hers all the time...

she's in denial about alot....
for example...we have a rather health sex life....

She tries to Rationalize the fact that "I can still be saved" though she doesn't say that out loud.

anywho...i've ranted enough...

but I'll say ..we really are good for eachother....and its going to be odd writing about it.. in greater detail.




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