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"Dear God,

Despite the fact that making it rain in Texas was too much to ask you for, even though it would have saved lives, eliminated suffering for tens of thousands of your biggest and most devoted fans, and, let’s face it, been nothing but a simple wave of the hand for your supreme awesomeness. I mean, come on, a little rain? For the guy who created, you know, light? The Heavens and the Earth? All the living things that walk and crawl upon it and fly above it and swim in the big blue sea? You made, what? Volcanoes and Earthquakes and cats? I mean how goddamned – excuse me – hard could a little rain be?  But never mind that, praise Jesus."


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yeah, never mind that; praise Muhamed, I mean Jesus... ha.
he's prayin' folks don't realize the behind the scenes money bags of tax loot he and his comrads are makin'
maybe Perry isn't as stupid as we think, at least when it comes to raising money.

He is pretty stupid though in just about everything else
He's praying for votes, and praying for a more christian country.
Yes Sentient Biped, that's exactly right.  He just wants the votes and is trying to appeal to christians.
AND make money doing so...let's not forget this is a 'multi-million dollar prayer event'.  Where is that money going?  It's one thing to have a traditional day of prayer because it's been done since the 1950' bringing in a turkey on Thanksgiving and pardoning its life in a show of presidential compassion...but this thing that Perry is doing has a political agenda and isn't 'traditional'.  I would call this behavior radical because it erodes our secular government's role to remain neutral in matters of religion.
Dave Silverman of American Atheists hit Perry's motive it right on the nose.
Excellent.  That was great to see.  For Perry to say our fiscal crisis is 'spiritual in nature' is the biggest load of absurd, ridiculous nonsense that I've heard in a long time from any potential GOP presidential candidate.  If he thinks we can pray away this mess we're in, we might as well take that to mean it's fruitless to even TRY.  Praying is just another way of pretending you're doing something to solve a problem.  Talk, no action.  I see little difference.  Asking a 'higher power' to intercede in our economic problems is about as effective as sprinkling fairy dust over some soil and expecting a magic bean to sprout and bring us prosperity.
I was impressed enough to join. Have seen other interviews with Silverman and think he is a pretty good spokesperson.

He was praying that nobody finds out about his college transcript.

A "D" in Principles of Economics.  Now there's someone you want in charge of your economy!

yea, but the course was certainly taught by "no nothing" liberal professors.  If they were any good with economics they would be on wallstreet, not teaching a bunch of rednecks in texas.





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