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"Dear God,

Despite the fact that making it rain in Texas was too much to ask you for, even though it would have saved lives, eliminated suffering for tens of thousands of your biggest and most devoted fans, and, let’s face it, been nothing but a simple wave of the hand for your supreme awesomeness. I mean, come on, a little rain? For the guy who created, you know, light? The Heavens and the Earth? All the living things that walk and crawl upon it and fly above it and swim in the big blue sea? You made, what? Volcanoes and Earthquakes and cats? I mean how goddamned – excuse me – hard could a little rain be?  But never mind that, praise Jesus."


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It would be more likely for an atheist to be a candidate on the Democratic side than the Republican, least that's my opinion, for what it's worth.  It would be an interesting topic to debate, anyway.  I think it's sad that a candidate's religious background even has to come up since he or she is filling a SECULAR government job!   I just wish that part of their life could remain private and unremarkable... wishful thinking on  my part, I know.
I wondered if he's considered the real possibility that god thinks he's an asshole and may just send a plague of locusts out of spite.
You are going to make a believer out of me yet.




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