What's the difference between a Conservative and Liberal?

Curious - basic question:

What's the difference between a Conservative and Liberal?

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Political Science 101 dealt mainly dealt with comparative politics. As an introductory class, it discussed (with meaningful but not comprehensive depth) Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Neitsche, Hobbes, Locke, and so on. (Those with the greatest influence on Western Politics) It discussed the views of the State of Nature and Rationalism. It discussed political philosophies, such as Democracy, Polities, Socialism, Communism, Realism, and so forth. It also discussed the political structures and origins of different countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, China. It was a surprisingly tough and robust class given it was a 101 class. But I learned a lot and I am happy I took it.

It did not go into depth about American Politics, which my Professor stated is a branch of Political Science, at least in the USA. If I had taken a class on American Politics then it is likely I would have learned more about those things you mention.

However, I am familiar with the schism between the Democrat-Republicans during the Civil War, and how a certain aspect of the Democrats would also be considered the bad guys in the middle of the 1900s (regarding racism) by today's standards. A lot has changed since that period.

However, I do remember watching an old video on YouTube where both Southern Democrats and Southern Republicans state they would never agree to legislation where Whites and Blacks would be treated as equals. I wanted to link it here but I've spent a good half-hour trying to find it. I wanted to ask you about it since you were around and active during that period. To me, it seems like it was the South, and not solely either Democrats or Republicans, that provided the greatest resistance to Civil Rights during that period. Are there any insights or experiences you could share about that period?

I'm not familiar with the Christian influnce on the GOP, at least regarding what you share. Knowing my professor, he probably would have talked about that if it was a class in American Politics. Anyhow, I had always understood both parties to be religious up until relatively recently. Would you be up to briefly explaining how they influenced the GOP during that period?

If you would like to include links to some of what you are discussing I'd be happy to check them out. The Political Science class that I took has sparked an interest in me where I proactively research things now.

Is there a tax policy relationship?

Please tell me Easton Le.

I'm not sure which relationship you're referring to. In my comment I discussed a few things. Are you referring to the subject you brought up in this thread (between conservatives and liberals) or something specific in one of my comments?




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