What's the difference between a Conservative and Liberal?

Curious - basic question:

What's the difference between a Conservative and Liberal?

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Sounds like a ignnnorant, or arragont  statement.

Curious aboout "Who is We?"

More curious Jerry Wesner 

How would you define Liberal and/or Conservative?

Nappys should be changed.

Coming up on Radio Specials:

If one isn't able to listen to KQED radio at the time of broadcast - hopefully it will be available later.

Fri, Dec 15, 2017 -- 2:00 AM

Do conservative or liberal philosophies lead to more just outcomes? Opposing moral philosophies have long fueled debate about Americas policy goals and national identity. For conservatives, morality is grounded in ideals such as patriotism, including a respect for order and authority; fairness and liberty in the sense that an individuals actions yield just rewards, or consequences; and reverence for the sanctity of religious and moral tradition. Liberals place moral emphasis on caring: for the poor, the disadvantaged, and the marginalized; on fairness in the sense of redressing both historic wrongs and current inequalities of outcome; and on generosity extending beyond the bounds of nations or cultures. In todays divisive political arena, which side best embodies the nations most cherished virtues? Morally speaking, is the left right?

You appear to give "fairness" to conservatives.  I'd say yes, but it's their own brand.  It includes "I earned that money and you can't have it," "I'm in charge here; why would I let workers vote?" and "Fairness demands that we pay the same percent in taxes."  To me as a liberal, none of that is truly fair.

Chris, can you identify the KQED program, so I can look for it?

I like its analysis though it’s not complete. The closing six-word question, “Morally speaking”, has variants.

The first word, besides morally, can be politically, economically, pragmatically and a few more.

The second word can be speaking or voting and a few more. Voting is an important variant.

If we add Bernie Sanders to the picture, two sides are not enough. Besides a conservative side and a liberal side, there is a progressive side.

I say that because I’ve heard liberals say “Not in my back yard.”

What are the options for progressives?

A different way to vote and fund candidates running for office.


I'm not sure if this posted.

I'll try agaan.

I2 debate: Do liberals hold the moral high ground?

Try this.


Moral issues for the moment aside, I think that a well-functioning society needs a balance of liberal and conservative values and some intelligent means of mixing them.  Think of a race car careening around a track, it's liberal engine moving it ever faster.  Then a turn comes up and you either hit the conservative brakes or fly off into the weeds.  Of course that's a gross simplification -- it's not either/or.  To continue this silly analogy, you can feather the throttle and the brakes and you have steering (which we might call Congress or others could call Church).  Point is, to get around the track efficiently you need all of these things applied judiciously, in proportion and at the right times.  If you impeach the brakes you're going to have to back off the throttle early and steer your ass off, and if the driver behind you makes good use of theirs they'll pass you at the end of the straight every time.

Each is a component, neither inherently good nor bad, in a dance that requires balance to become art.  At least that's how I justify not cussing-out my conservative brother at Thanksgiving.


It's partly about economic theory isn't it?

For what it's worth.

Thanks, Easton, for pointing out how classical liberalism and today’s American liberalism differ.

Did your PS 101 tell of the 1950-60s when far right Repubs expelled moderates, and Nixon’s Southern Strategy recruited Dems who had opposed civil rights for Black Americans?

Those Southerners brought their racism into the GOP, and in the 1980s xians brought their need for big government into what had been a small government Libertarian GOP.

I was moving frequently then and registering to vote with the party that usually won in November so I could vote in more meaningful primary elections.

I studied math, economics and science and later became active in politics and studied them.

Is there a tax policy relationship?

Please tell me Easton Le.




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