What's to gain raiding med. pot shops in California? Who's in charge?

whoa! who's in charge?

folks it's all about the votes
the bastidges w/sob mentality are out for your votes; the Constitution has been digitally hijacked how many times over now?

but as citizens, freethinkers, maybe we just attract defunct folks because

we're strong enough to deal w/uncertainty; scientifically
ethically n logically; as opposed to xyz's and their dreams of 1800's instead of 2011
nah mean?

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I thought about this; perhaps it's a reset button of sorts; i mean many many many
idiots did pill deals and abused them left florida and opened up shop over there... so... maybe the future is not what it seems now. seems some idiots can never get enough; frikn' gluttons screwing it up for people that truly could use pot. damn shame either way. like cocaine is so safe while thousands are murdered in meghicko




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