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It's quite odd to think that when I was born, there were less than half the humans on this planet that there are now. Humanity has really outdone itself.

Mine is 3,445,401,211.

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3,106,637,856. Now we have seven billion, but don't worry, Jeebus is coming and he'll everything!

Sonofabitch, I really need to start proofreading my posts.

Jeebus is coming he'll fix everything!

lol me too!


Just past the half mark :)

I find it sad that our population has doubled within one life time. If religion does not get us, us breeding like gluttonous cockroaches will. This is why I always get angry when I see somebody with 5 kids these days. The baby boom is over, you can stop now.


Let alone 5, at the rate of consumption us we westerners shit on all things, 1 is too many! I think if we go by ecofootprint calculations... 1 of us is worth 100 of earthlings south of the equator. :)

need a 'like' button...

When I was born, it was only 1/3!!!!   2,394,409,833.   I was not aware, that it went that fast.  

You've got us beat :)

... Who can do better!

I'm number 4,990,458,613. If I were born when I was supposed to I'd be 5,001,708,333. That means that I'm ahead in the "human race" by 11,249,720 of the rest of yas born in the summer of '86.

3,553,513,638    When i saw the population counter, i automatically envisioned actual babies popping out at that rate. Scary.


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