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It's quite odd to think that when I was born, there were less than half the humans on this planet that there are now. Humanity has really outdone itself.

Mine is 3,445,401,211.

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3,106,637,856. Now we have seven billion, but don't worry, Jeebus is coming and he'll everything!

Sonofabitch, I really need to start proofreading my posts.

Jeebus is coming he'll fix everything!

lol me too!


Just past the half mark :)

I find it sad that our population has doubled within one life time. If religion does not get us, us breeding like gluttonous cockroaches will. This is why I always get angry when I see somebody with 5 kids these days. The baby boom is over, you can stop now.


Let alone 5, at the rate of consumption us we westerners shit on all things, 1 is too many! I think if we go by ecofootprint calculations... 1 of us is worth 100 of earthlings south of the equator. :)

need a 'like' button...

When I was born, it was only 1/3!!!!   2,394,409,833.   I was not aware, that it went that fast.  

You've got us beat :)

... Who can do better!

I'm number 4,990,458,613. If I were born when I was supposed to I'd be 5,001,708,333. That means that I'm ahead in the "human race" by 11,249,720 of the rest of yas born in the summer of '86.

2,519,429,638. Where the heck did all you people come from?!  Must have been that "Summer of Love" thing when I was a teenager.




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