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It's quite odd to think that when I was born, there were less than half the humans on this planet that there are now. Humanity has really outdone itself.

Mine is 3,445,401,211.

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3,553,513,638    When i saw the population counter, i automatically envisioned actual babies popping out at that rate. Scary.

he he, these videos by artist Nina Paley place visuals on that :)


Stork is the of war

3,413,077,387. I am 1 in 7 billion. Now I feel special.
Where are we going fit everybody?? Oh that's right... end of world coming next year, whew, I was starting to get worried.

I'm 2,255,204,410. Things really zoom up after that. I wonder how many are Barry White babies?


I always disliked Barry White, he peddles way too much influence!!! :)

Makes people do things they shouldn't!


cool website


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