My boyfriend and I are quite close; he is the one for me with no doubt. We are both what you would call skeptics; however, I am an atheist while he is a non practicing Wiccan. While I am grateful he is wiccan versus a Christian I still have a certain amount of “woo” to put up with. For instance, he loves watching those ghost hunting shows on tv; he be lives in spirits and such. At first I avoided talking about it, just sit there watch the shows with him, but when he asked me directly about it I told him I don’t believe in it. Now I feel a bit awkward and don’t know what to say regarding these issues. Any thoughts?

On a side note, I can’t believe the shit these people are feeding others regarding ghosts and flat out lying to people. I mean, the hosts of these shows are so over the top and honestly, I don’t think they buy into the shit their selling themselves.

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Well, I would just sort of ignore it and live with it. I mean people are going to believe what they're going to believe. I would just let him go do his own thing and just sort of watch your own shows or whatever. I have a friend who's Native American and believes in Animism and watches the same shows. I just sort of watch shows casually with him while I play games on my phone or whatever and just let him do his thing. The more you think about it the more it's going to aggravate you. I say just let it go. 

My wife is Pagan. I practice Buddhism. We love each other. That's it.
My wife sometimes doesn't know what to say to me. She has beliefs I don't buy into. The bottom line is that we love each other and make room for opposing views. If it isn't too an intense opposition, your relationship will survive it. Most people need ritual. Best to air it out before you get married....if you are planning on it.

You only live once.  If the main thing that you disagree on is Atheist vs. Wiccan, that's pretty minor.  I sometimes look at, on my deathbed, what will I regret, and what will I be grateful for in life.  I won't regret when I gave love and friendship and companionship to a kindred spirit, even if we were different perspectives on theology or atheology, or different races, or different cultures.  I would regret not taking the chance.  If your temperaments are compatible, I wouldn't let a little woo get in the way.  I would think of it as, that makes him cute in his own unique way.  In a way, it's his culture, and it's part of what made him who he is.  


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