Im atheist but now everybody in my family are wanting to go to church to pull the family together.I think its working. As an atheist should I reveal that im atheist at the church or should I play along? I could choose not to go but then I dont get to meet people. I did change my gamertag to Atheist Dude so when I will play my brother on xbox live he's probably gonna talk bad about my gamertag.

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I'm 28 years old, and I still chicken out when I am close to telling my mother that I am an atheist. My parents aren't highly religious, but I do know that they believe in god. I'm sure they have some idea about my point of view, but I've never just said to them that I am. I do not know how they would react, simply because we never grew up talking about god or evolution or anything. So I know, with me in my situation, it will happen in time. Maybe that will happen for you.
I think you ought to stand your ground and refuse outright to go. Just speak your mind and let them deal with it. Why should you simmer in angst and worry because they want to force their beliefs in you? You want to meet them? wait outside the church. Yes it is a tough call, but if they really love you there shouldn't be no rejection. Up to this point in your life, they have loved you because of whom you are; a son, brother, uncle, etc., and how you conduct yourself as a human being. If their affection is going to change overnight because of your lack of beliefs then they are in the wrong. Time will tell if they come around and ask for your forgiveness. Show them how big you are and tell 'em; I've loved you all along. My .02 cents.
Its a good chance they may suspect you are already. I never really had to "come out" to my parents. We went to church every sunday (southern baptist) until I was 12. At that point they didnt make me go anymore. They saw that I never prayed with the others, showed zero interest in what was going on at church, etc. etc..

I know I had a pretty easy going with them knowing I am an atheist but than again I am a fairly open and upfront person. I think you should be upfront about it also.
I think my advice is don't conform, little is done with conformists. They should know the truth, yes? And still care for you after.
You said church is helping your family, and that you get to meet people? It doesn't sound like you completely hate going to church. You could wait it out for awhile if your family is going through a rough time and if you see positive sides to going. I'm assuming you are a young-ish age and I think there are a lot of young people who go to church for the same reasons as you, while not being too keen on God/religion. And adults, too--many go to church mostly for socializing!

Come out when the time feels right and weigh out the pros and cons of it. With coming out, whether it's as atheist, gay, or anything else, a person can't go back in the closet later, so they should be sure they are ready. I usually don't volunteer information if I know someone won't understand or will give me a hard time, but I don't lie about it if it comes up either.




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