So...I was at a red light today about to make a u-turn and I see this idiot jackass in front of me throw out his wrappers of food (literally a box of what seemed like chicken nuggets and a box of something else - big litter pieces of junk) and I had maybe less than 30-seconds before turning green and I was about to get out of my car and approach him to both tell him what he did was not right and was wrong and to pick up the pieces of trash and put them in my car to throw away myself but I hesitated as there were other cars in the intersection but I feel really bad I didn't do it...the car did not have a license plate but the driver did not seem intimidating at all...I felt like I should have done it and regret it now as it would have taught him a lesson and hopefully have made a difference in his future behavior...what would you have done??

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Well I would have stayed in my car. You have to be careful these days. There is a lot of road rage going on and sometimes people might misunderstand your intentions.

what about taking a picture of the car, the driver and the mess and send it to the police?


I agree, you would be surprised the power of the camera.

Be careful dude, remember what happened to Rouhollah Dadashi.


Even if you said something to the guy, he is still going to do the same thing tomorrow and the next day after that.

I agree with @MaruliMarulaki who recommended taking a picture of the car. Even if there's no license plate, it sends a message to the police that this is something that as citizens we are against without pissing off the other people on the road.
I just feel guilty that I was about to do something but hesitated and didn't do anything. :( Idiots don't understand what a disaster they are to the environment and with such idiots the future of the environment is very bleak.
It's good of you to care, but you can't change everything in the world. By this time, anyone who litters is doing it willfully and just doesn't give a fuck. Keep your mind open to finding new ways to make a difference in the world, though.
Did you consider calling him anti-American? It seems to work in the other forums you comment on.
Agree with booklover.  Don't beat yourself up over this.  If it happens again, get a description of the car, and driver, if possible, and report it the police.  In most states this is a minor misdemeanor, and not worth your personal safety, or having the situation escalate into something worse.  I completely agree that slobs like this should be fined.  That's what law enforcement is for.
Ohhh, and be willing to testify against him should it go to court.
I would have stayed in my car.  If I wanted to get out of my car and risk my life to teach others a lesson, I'd become a cop.

Ditto. Believe that for every litterbug there are a hundred who do not litter.  Do not lose sleep over this incident.


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