So...I was at a red light today about to make a u-turn and I see this idiot jackass in front of me throw out his wrappers of food (literally a box of what seemed like chicken nuggets and a box of something else - big litter pieces of junk) and I had maybe less than 30-seconds before turning green and I was about to get out of my car and approach him to both tell him what he did was not right and was wrong and to pick up the pieces of trash and put them in my car to throw away myself but I hesitated as there were other cars in the intersection but I feel really bad I didn't do it...the car did not have a license plate but the driver did not seem intimidating at all...I felt like I should have done it and regret it now as it would have taught him a lesson and hopefully have made a difference in his future behavior...what would you have done??

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Thanks for the comments y' made me feel better of myself...I was feeling like a negligent asshole but now I feel better...and next time, I don't think I will hesitate..

I'd leave it alone unless it was your property they were fucking with.  You'd be legally, not morally, in the wrong if a confrontation escalated I'd imagine.  Plus you risk your safety.  Then again, it's your call man.  People who litter are douchebags.

A while back this organization gave citizens these cards so that they could write down the tag number, offense, location. The police would send the offenders a warning. I also heard about this 1800litterbug number, but don't know if it covers everywhere.


Stop worrying about litering and polution and global warming. Technology is advancing so fast that, within our lifetimes, you will see microbial drones designed to eradicate polutants from the entire earth. Problem solved. We already have rudiments of this technology, like the microbes used to help clean up the latest Gulf oil spill, or the new filters that can eliminate the flu virus from the air. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. If I had the energy, I could probably dig up a dozen or more articles, just from the last couple years, in which some harmful contaminant is being filtered or converted or otherwise neutralized by new technology.


Global warming will never become a major threat, and pretty soon we'll have a bunch of microscopic Wall-E's swarming around cleaning up our junk. So, like I said, stop worrying about it. Focus on more important things, like making that technology happen faster.




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