Daniel Dennett   What Should Replace Religions

Food for thought:  this isn't the most riveting presentation but it provides a kickoff point for a topic we all need to consider:  where should the unbelievers focus their movement?We've been kicking this around in our tiny local group.  We know we must take 'baby steps' due to our size, but we also know we need a direction.

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Should is not a suitable helping verb. Was / is / will may be better. Religions replaced religions. Religions replace religions. And it seems religions will replace religions. Christianity had had 3 main subsets. Islam had had 2 main subsets. There are atheist Hinduisms and there are theist Hinduisms. Trinity says 3 god(let)s in a 1 godded religion. All these are replacements. Some scientists tried a science religion (not scientology, but mechanic determinism), but they failed. Human kind without religion is a post-human species.


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