So if you could open your heart and let people listen in, with words and music....what song would be you??? 

Some people might say what does your soul sound like, but I prefer to call it my essence, because I don't so much think about a soul per se....

And if you don't think you can come up with just one, please just post some of your favorites!!

This should be fun, and maybe hard, but here it goes for me....


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Here's a couple for a peek into a slice of me.




Wow Roy!!!  So you are beautiful and raw..... thanks for sharing!!!!

More like Jekyll and Hyde. :^)  Both fan vids were made by me long ago and you can "see" more of me on my youtube channels > user/ DieSinister (standards), DieSinclair (death metal & dark ambient genres), and ElegantUnderground (dark minimal techno - where I am most active with my dj friends).


Unlike you, Kelly I can dig country music but please no rap or hip-hop - lest you want to meet Mr. Hyde. :)

Does Public Enemy and Anthrax (Bring the Noise!) count as rap?.....because that ROCKS!!!  Anyhoo...I'm heading to my youtube acct to subscribe to ALL of your channels immediately ;)~

As for the Jekyll Hyde thing, I think it's cool!  Diversity is the sign of an open mind!!!  We all have our bug-a-boo's.  Yours is rap, mine is country......

hey Kelly..loved ur song.  i can't even think of what  my song would be. way 2 many songs that i think  fit me. maybe later, ok? hope ya had a great xmas. I made some awesome duck jambalaya from some ducks i breasted out yesterday. side order of garlic cheese grits...oh yeh! we b dancin on da bayou! lol! My bass fishing club will be starting up in january...yes, it's colderin hell, but u gotta luv it i guess.

  have a great week gurlfriend, hugs&kisses to the dogs.


Hey Scotty :)  Glad u liked the song...why don't you just post a favorite or two?  I think we are all enjoying listening to each other's music!

This is one among many ... but this one in particular is ... well, let's just say it's UP there....


I love that this song is a capella!!  Just the beauty of the human voice! Complex harmonies!   Very peaceful!!  I am a classical pianist, so I enjoy all kinds of music. (except country...can't deal with country, bluegrass ok, country, NO) That was beautiful!  Thanks Loren for sharing!!!
Believe me when I tell you, Kelly: there is LOTS more where this came from!  Eric is one amazing composer, and a capella is his specialty!
Visions Of Johanna by Bob Dylan. Also covered by The Grateful Dead
here's one of my most loved songs by the Band Of Heathens  "Rehab Facility"

That's just good music DD!!  I was smiling thru the whole song :)~  Post some others if you feel so inclined to share!!

That goes for the rest of you too!!!!




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