So if you could open your heart and let people listen in, with words and music....what song would be you??? 

Some people might say what does your soul sound like, but I prefer to call it my essence, because I don't so much think about a soul per se....

And if you don't think you can come up with just one, please just post some of your favorites!!

This should be fun, and maybe hard, but here it goes for me....


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I love Todd snider also

Muchas Gracias Double D.....

I'm stuck in the house tonight because we got 5 inches of snow down here in TN so I'm snowed in....I needed to be entertained!!!  Still smiling :)

We only got a dusting here in middle TN... just enough to want a little more
We got just enough for me to want it to go away...hehehe :)
Hey Nick!!  Thanks for sharing your lyrics!  They really are beautiful and make a lot of sense!  I am also a singer.  Mostly blues and rock.  Maybe one of these days I'll let someone make a vid of me singing and post it.  I know I have a powerful voice, but I have always been painfully shy, and don't like attention.  It was the same way with my piano playing.  I love music so much!  I know I am good at it as well, but it's just putting it out there....I hate attention...unless I have had a few beers...then a little attention is ok....hehehehe
I'm gonna have to go with Beethovens 9th symphonyy...

NICE!!!!  Beethoven is one of my favorite classical composers!  Fur Elise is the first song I ever played on the piano.  Something about that tune!  My mom used to teach piano in our home, and when I was little I would hide in the music room and listen to the students.  When lessons were over my mom would let me play on the piano while she made dinner.  I picked out Fur Elise by ear when I was 4 years old.  My mom was shocked that I not only picked out the entire piece, but that I had done in the right key.  Moonlight Sonata is probably my favorite piano piece by him. I don't think anyone could capture raw human emotion in their music quite the way Beethoven did. 

Later on, after I had honed my piano skills, Mozart became a favorite.  His piano pieces are particularly technical, and I enjoyed the challenge of learning the scale runs in his pieces.  These guys were the rock stars of their day.  Great choice Robert!!!

The Ninth is GREAT ... but the Seventh gets under my skin, especially the second movement.  It doesn't get the press that the Ninth does ... but it SHOULD!
I agree! The Seventh is spectacular!

There are so many different kinds of muic that I love; everything from Jimmy Buffett to "Swan Lake," to jazz,  so I can't pick just one. 


But the first thing that came to mind when I read the title of this discussion was "Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead!" from "The Wizard of Oz."  Long story behind that...when I was in Holiday, one year our biggest production number was a musical skating version of the MGM movie, and that song just cracked me up. {shrugs} 


(I like this version...always loved Ella)


HALP! No more water!  I'm melllllltinnnnnng!"

For some reason while I was watching this, and listening to it, Sarah Palin kept coming to mind........hmmmmmm 


*cackle!*  I sincerely wish!


For years my nickname was "La Bruja del Hielo."  I scared the enchiladas out of a Mexican Pullman porter when we were going from Austin, TX to Mexico City...with just a basin of dry ice and water, and my very long hair pulled over my face.  (It was a long trip, and we were all partying....heartily) I was just cackling and making "passes" with my hands over the dry ice fog, and the porter came in the car, saw me, screamed, "Bruja!" and ran into the next car.


The name stuck.


As for music preferences, most of my favorites are instrumental...ballet, especially.  But this one expresses me too.  If  I were still able to skate, this is the kind of music I would like to just improvise to if I had the ice to myself...or maybe with one partner. I can still feel the back double-three-turns and other easy footwork in my mind...  Fun.





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