So if you could open your heart and let people listen in, with words and music....what song would be you??? 

Some people might say what does your soul sound like, but I prefer to call it my essence, because I don't so much think about a soul per se....

And if you don't think you can come up with just one, please just post some of your favorites!!

This should be fun, and maybe hard, but here it goes for me....


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GREAT choice Milt, but please, if you have others please post them!  I know it's hard to pick just one!  I picked the quiet song because deep down inside, that is me.  But if I had to choose another song I think this is another one that I could call my song... it's just a powerful song!

BTW Milt, here is the loud  Cover of Bob Dylan song Desolation Row
I was wondering who was gonna bust out the weird al!!!  He really is one of my faves!!!  NICE Grace!!!

What can I say?  I am white and nerdy.  LOL!  I do own a soldering  gun, but I am not fluent in Java Script as well as Klingon.  I do love Ren Faires and I do have a hard time with the whole Kirk Picard question.  :oD

 Here's the lyrics for those who don't know it:


White & Nerdy"

They see me mowin'
My front lawn
I know they're all thinking
I'm so White N' nerdy

Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
Can't you see I'm white n' nerdy
Look at me I'm white n' nerdy!
I wanna roll with-
The gangsters
But so far they all think
I'm too white n' nerdy
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
I'm just too white n' nerdy
Really, really white n' nerdy

First in my class here at M.I.T.
Got skills, I'm a Champion of DND
MC Escher that's my favorite MC
Keep your 40
I'll just have an Earl Grey tea
My rims never spin to the contrary
You'll find they're quite stationary
All of my action figures are cherry
Steven Hawkings in my library
My MySpace page is all totally pimped out
I got people begging for my top 8 spaces
Yo I know Pi to a thousand places
Ain't got no grills but I still wear braces
I order all of my sandwiches with mayonnaise
I'm a whiz at minesweeper I can play for days
Once you see my sweet moves you're gonna stay amazed,
my fingers movin' so fast I'll set the place ablaze
There's no killer app I haven't run
At Pascal, well, I'm number 1
Do vector calculus just for fun
I ain't got a gat but I gotta soldering gun
Happy days is my favourite theme song
I can sure kick your butt in a game of ping pong
I'll ace any trivia quiz you bring on
I'm fluent in Java Script as well as Klingon
Here's the part I sing on

They see me roll on, my Segway!
I know in my heart they think I'm
white n' nerdy!
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
Can't you see I'm white n' nerdy
Look at me I'm white n' nerdy
I'd like to roll with-
The gangsters
Although it's apparent I'm too
White n' nerdy
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
I'm just too white n' nerdy
How'd I get so white n' nerdy?

I've been browsing, inspectin'
X-men comics you know I collect 'em
The pens in my pocket
I must protect 'em
my ergonomic keyboard never leaves me bored
Shopping online for deals on some writable media
I edit Wikipedia
I memorized Holy Grail really well
I can recite it right now and have you ROTFLOL
I got a business doing websites
When my friends need some code who do they call?
I do HTML for them all
Even made a homepage for my dog!
Yo! Got myself a fanny pack
they were having a sale down at the GAP
Spend my nights with a roll of bubble wrap
POP POP! Hope no one sees me gettin' freaky!

I'm nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour creme
I was in AV club and Glee club and even the chess team!
Only question I ever thought was hard
Was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?
I spend every weekend
at the renaissance fair
I got my name on my under wear!

They see me strollin'
They laughin'
And rollin' their eyes 'cause
I'm so white n' nerdy
Just because I'm white n' nerdy
Just because I'm white n' nerdy
All because I'm white n' nerdy
Holy cow I'm white n' nerdy
I wanna bowl with-
the gangsters
but oh well it's obvious I'm
white n' nerdy
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
Think I'm just too white n' nerdy
I'm just too white n' nerdy
Look at me I'm white n' nerdy!

i love the donny osmond parts in this vid..... Hi-larious!
That is just good stuff!  It's happy :)  I am on my way to your blog to check out your month long playlists ;)  Feel free to share anything else that makes us feel ya!!  Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Here's my favorite (because I love Middle Earth and Arwen Evenstar):


O môr henion i dhú:

Ely Siriar, êl sila

Ai! Aníron Undómiel.

Tiro! El eria e môr.

I ‘lir en êl lutha ‘úren.

Ai! Aníron…



From darkness I understand the night:

Dreams flow, a star shines.

Ah! I desire Evenstar.

Look! A star rises out of the darkness.

The song of the star enchants my heart.

Ah! I desire…




Enya has such a beautiful sound!!!  TNT is having the LOTR marathon tonight!!!  Me and my son are enjoying it as I type :)  THANKS for sharing G :)~

A Hîr Annûn, Erynial;

le linnon im Gwaithmir!


O Lady of the West, Kelly;

I, Gwaithmir, sing to thee!

This is a fun thread.  Interesting to see what people like.


I want to say it's something like REM "Losing my religion" or something cerebral or uplifting.  So why do I keep turning to this on my ipod when Im in a bad mood, tired, overworked, upset.

I can't help it, it makes me smile.


Actually, re-reading the title of the thread, this doesn't sound at all like me.  I  might need to find something from Monty Python for that.  Maybe that's why I like this one some much - it takes me out of myself, and is something naughty and cute and musical and rhythmic, none of which is me

Hell yay-yah!!!  (crooking neck, head bobbing, hands in air~)  Share all ya like SB!!!  FUN!!!!




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