My List:

System of a Down

Marilyn Manson




Avenged Sevenfold :( I just missed their concert here in MI

Rage against the Machine



U know nothing too hard core :)


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My list is Korn, System of a Down, Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman, Headhunterz, Rob Zombie, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Marilyn Manson, Explosions in the Sky, Drop Kick Murphys.... list goes on and on and on....


Nine Inch Nails


I have quite a few others...... yeah, I'm a rivethead

Those are great bands! I'm a rivethead as well.

I could list a bunch of Industrial Goth bands -- but I think it would bore you all.

Only yesterday did I "discover" Marilyn Manson (other than the stuff in the media)  I spent a few hours on the website.  I like!

Les Athees Napoleoneinne - VikingTrance

Nick Cave


Rotting Christ

New Christs

Joy Division

Radio Birdman

Iggy Pop

Good list there too!

Classic rock all the way!
Black Sabbath, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, UFO, Yes, all that good stuff.
My list would include Tom Smith, Moonwulf, Leslie Fish, Weird Al, Anne Murray, Devo, Billy Joel, and many others...

Devo -- awesome!

Mainly: Manson, NIN, Daft Punk, MSI, Combichrist, Children of Bodom, Tool, APC, SOAD, Turisas, Cradle of Filth, Daath, Emilie Autumn. 

basicly melodic death metal (by far my favorite), few rap, classical music, few country anything good really: quo vadis (silence calls the storm, dream, hunter killer + hunter killer endgame, and another i can't remember) this ending (parasites, inside the machine) insomnia (death walked the earth) Be'lakor (sculptor and ........ can't remember the one word should get you the right song) Staind (almost all there sonds) tech n9ne and eminem (only the meaningful ones) archons (few songs off there only album) etc.


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