There's a Dallas/Plano (or is it Plano/Dallas) group that meets all the time.
And a tiny band of folks in Frisco that meets monthly.

What other towns are keeping things sociable?

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Did you search I can't answer that.
I didn't even think about that. But, then again, the Frisco folks have bypassed There's a facebook group for the meetings and we hunt for newbies on a community web forum.
Mostly, I was just curious to see what was in the works and even what might be coming down the pike.
If y'all have something going, please brag about it so I can get some pointers on how to keep things interesting in my town.
We have a meetup in Lubbock, suprisingly enough...
I'm not so sure that we're so seriously outnumbered in these parts. I think we're just skittish because the majority is so vocal.
any information on that? I'm through lubbock all the time and would like to meet some likeminded folk
Bradon-go to the meetup site, we are on there. It's usually in the middle of the month, on a Saturday evening.
I would Like to find a group in East Texas if anyone has any info.
I'm in Grapeland, Houston County. Not sure where you are. My group is on, the Southern Skeptic Tank.
I would like to start one in the Odessa/Midland area, but I don't have the balls to.....maybe when I get more money to rent a conference room at the Holiday Inn or something I will. IDK

It will never happen.

Start a Meetup Group and get together for breakfast at an IHOP or something similar to start. Once you know each other, you can have meetings in homes, as picnics in local parks, etc. You do not need to spend money unless you get very big.
I'll be happy to help you if you still want to start an atheist group here in West Texas. I live in Odessa, and I was thinking about starting a Meetup group but It's $20.00/month just to start one. $20 isn't going to break me, but I'd rather try to find some way to do it for free first. You can e-mail me at if you're still interested.




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