There's a Dallas/Plano (or is it Plano/Dallas) group that meets all the time.
And a tiny band of folks in Frisco that meets monthly.

What other towns are keeping things sociable?

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I thought Austin was as close to holy ground that Texas atheists could find.
The Atheist Community of Austin (ACA) has several weekly get-togethers. After each live episode of the Atheist Experience, they meet up at Threadgills. The first Sunday of each month they have lectures, and other Sundays they meet at Romeo's. There's also a womens group that is getting started within the ACA.
I've heard on the AE podcast about all the stuff y'all do - and I'm envious as hell! Keep it up guys!
I'm not actually an active participant, just a recently-joined member of the ACA. I'm as grateful as everyone else for it :)
Mark, there's one in Frisco? Can you link me to the FB page? I'm on the meetup group in dallas, but I don't get to their meetups very often
We don't schedule through We're, uh, independent. If you've been to a few Dallas meetups, you probably know Don. He's one of my favorite people. Announcements for the Frisco Atheists meetups have always been made on - now they'll be announced on our group page here at the Nexus. BTW, our next meeting is the 22nd at 7:30 at the 2 Brothers Grill. Give me a holler if you think you can make it and I'll get some directions to you.
we don't use the meet up page, but we do have meetings here in Corpus events calender shows meetings
I've been there once or twice, and never saw any obvious group, so I figured that the page was outdated. I asked one of the employees if CCA met there, and he stated (paraphrased): "No, but I wish they would."
I'm in College Station (A&M psychology major), if there's anyone in the area, my email is I'm an ACA member, but I never have the time to go to Austin on the weekends.
For whoever is interested, I started a meet-up group in Texarkana. We've had 6 successful Meets so far, and have 19 official members with many more interested and pledging to come. Here's a link.
I've got a serious case of member-envy! Great job! also has

Freethinkers of Dallas (i organize it)
Freethinkers of Fort Worth (I co-organize)
Metroplex Atheists (they helped get the billboards up in Dallas and Fort Worth)
North Texas Church of Freethought

and a couple others that I can't name properly without looking them up.

I know that Houston and Austin also have some active groups.




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