Yes, that's right. A whole damn Channel devoted to science, run by scientists. I feel that half of the problem right now is that science is being misrepresented by people who have specific agendas. Oil companies and environmental groups alike have distorted science to match their own goals. (though not equally, to be sure) Politicians twist or even directly lie about science and medicine to manipulate gullible voters. I mean, come on - there are peer reviewed journals, ok. So why no peer reviewed tv shows and documentaries? Or at least peer-collaborated. Hell, even a website would be a start. But basic cable? It's cheap! I mean, how high a budget do you think the Weather Channel has? Heck, call it the Nobel Channel and hit up the Awards people for sponsorship!

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You mean, like a bunch of buildings where they teach science classes, do research, publish papers, and produce results of discoveries?   That would be awesome!


Check out the cassiopeia project on youtube, mythbusters on TV, the discovery channel, PBS/Nova, Science Friday on NPR...etc.



Your right about the unbelievable horse shit dished out by the history and science channels – although there are occasional programs of merit. I do, however, think it's possible that a well produced real science channel could muster a substantial audience as could a solid history channel.

There still exists a fair number of people who actually appreciate reality but not “reality” shows and certainly not Nostradamus , biblical prophesies, ancient aliens or ghost hunters.

There's as much a market for science programming as there is for 30yo cartoons. Have you seen Qubo channel? They don't even have to produce anything. Just show old cartoons from when I was a kid. What would it take to run Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye reruns? Heck, I'm sure PBS and NPR would allow us to run any of their old programming! 


And really? Markets? There's a market for the Weather Channel, and a market for the Shopping Channel. Heck, some people even watch CNN still. I think there's a market for science. Besides, markets don't create themselves. That's what advertising is for.

Yeah there are 200 channels of mostly mindless drivel - one would think there could be at least one that was actually relevant, informative and true all the time.

It's easy to see why Americans are so poorly informed.




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