Everyone takes thinking for granted but nobody really knows what it means. Not even psychologists know what thinking really is. And they ponder about this question. However if you think really clever you can figure it out. It takes deep insight into what one does but once one knows what it is its rather simple and reasonable. I figured it out and I'll explain it now.

When you think you are comparing two brain signals for if they are the same or if they are different and how much the same or different they are using both brain halves. Every brain signal is a feeling but also the same as a memory signal. You feel your brain signals with your brain halves and this allows you to know the difference between two signals be it from sight or hearing or a bodily feeling. You feel if they are different or the same so you can know the difference of things you have observed and you store these signals to long term memory. You can compare observation with long term memories or long term memories with long term memories and also short term memories with each other by feeling the signals. Now if you compared two signals and then compare them with more signals you can make a row of the signals between how much the same or different they were. And thus you have a row that is called a logical deduction. Observations that are placed in the right order. I hope you understand this because it’s a simple explanation of what thinking really is. And now you know it too so I hope you find this fun.

And what if the future created time travelers and humanity became honest and resolved all their problems. If they have a leader it would be a leader that leads by equality and love because equality of life is always honest and inequality of life is always dishonest. And a loving leader gives to its followers unlike a leader in inequality which always takes from its followers. As an unequal leader is placed above its followers and wants humans to slave to it unlike an equal leader. You cannot submit to a leader that will treat you as an equal so he isn't dominant but honest.

I wrote a book that explains the human brain in full logic and detail. As well as a cosmology book that at the end explains how time travel can be done. I placed them in one book together so they can give some attention to each other for readers that maybe curios about both things. The cosmology book uses infinites rather than a mathematical explanation. So you can learn it without having to number crunch things. Perhaps you will want to learn about these things. I also explain things about leaders in the book on the human brain. Love makes you follow someone so a loving leader is followed. I believe very much that this is how things will be done in an honest humanity. If you want to learn what's in my book you can find it here: http://www.natureofthesun.com

I have also attached the book to this message post if its working. Its completely free to share anywhere.



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Not much of what you makes sense to me. 

So you are a theist?

Oh well, peace.




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