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I have an overabundance of squash (both butternut and acorn). I can only take so much baked squash (even stuffed with apples/nuts, drizzled with honey, etc). Does anyone have any amazing recipes for what ELSE to do with squash? Specifically, some kind of yummy bread, or crisp, or a savory dish ... as long as it uses up my squash.


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Didn't even know there WAS a ... nice to know i'm not the only one stuck trying to make a pretty plain-tasting vegetable interesting. Always wanted to try making squash soup, i guess now's the perfect opportunity!
There's even a recipe for the blossoms.

Fried Squash Blossoms Stuffed with Oaxacan(wa-hah-cun) Cheese
You had me at "stuffed with cheese". Is anything NOT better when it's been stuffed with cheese?
ironic, I used the word squash a few days ago
more like, "we gotta squash this beef right now!"

best wishes with the sqash-loaf; cinnamon?
Eww ... okay "Squash loaf" sounds horrible ... it's like hearing "ham loaf" or "turkey loaf". Squash-and-beef sounds like a decent suggestion. Maybe i can discover how to make squash fritters or something.
Squash: I just usually grill it sprinkled with some dried oregano leaves.

Butternut: No idea, really. I seldom eat it, and then usually only with butter and syrup.
Indian curried squash is excellent. It's spicy though, so if you like spicy foods, let me know and I will look up the recipe
The last time i tried to make a curry it was a horrible failure ... but i THINK i'm ready to try again. I even have some awesome homemade curry powder to use.
if you don't mind some heavy cream, you can always make a squash gratin. The main difference with potato gratin is that you need to parboil the squash for a little while (just a minute or 2) to soften it sufficiently before baking it.
Hm ... good idea. I rarely use heavy cream (quiche, cream of mushroom soup, and that's about it), but if it's best for the recipe I'll usually try at least once. I hadn't even considered using squash as a potato stand-in. Thanks!
This makes me wonder if you can put mashed squash in with some mashed potatoes. I've tried mashed cauliflower mixed with mashed potatoes (it cuts back on the carbs) and it is pretty good. I'm not much of a recipe follower. I just use whatever ingredients I have at the time.


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