I have a few of these at my school who are completely deluded. Ironically they're some of my closest friends but they are just batshit insane sometimes. What should I do?

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That is how I feel and think, Mindy. Being a curmudgeon is a good thing. We don't have enough of them. My son, Cary is a curmudgeon, a real pain in the neck, always telling everyone what they should be doing. One day he is going to get his nose punched. However, he is usually right. He has a brain injury that might explain some of his idiosyncracies, but he speaks his mind. I think he would speak his mind to god if he believed in such nonsense. There are those of us who value his honesty. I wonder where he gets that from? 

Well, your husband, mom and kids offer great company and many do not have even that. We are fortunate to have such great families upon whom we can rely. 

 "It seems like any riff raff can get a paw in the door around here now... and I don't like it one bit! No sir, I don't!"
~ Curmudgeon, the cat 

You nailed it here, Mindy. I was talking today to my childhood theist friend and told him of my wife leaving for the first time. He says I have to forget her and just move on. I told him that what I was simply doing is informing him that she is gone. He then says I need to get in church again and go to this one he goes to in another town. I asked him what's wrong with the church in my town? He replys "Oh, you're going to church in your town?" I told him no, I'm not going to church anywhere but just wondered what is wrong with one in my town. (Sheesh!!)

You can live with morons and then sometimes your childhood theist friends can be morons too. Who is this "god" who is going to "solve everything?" If it appeared that something was solved supernatually wouldn't it just mean that things turned out less severe than you had thought?

I'm with you Mindy. Alone is preferable to batshit crazy fundies.

When you consider how much they offend US with their unfounded BS, you have to ask who is the more aggrieved party!  They've learned to dish it out; let's see if they can TAKE IT!

My point precisely!

Just now I was watching the History channel (H2) but had to turn it off. The new program got into the realities of hell, and even had a Catholic priest with a radio program talking about an actual recording of the "tormented souls in hell." He was saying that you have to admit that the recording is impressive, etc. No, I don't. I'm wondering how the SOB could even keep a straight face here. About the time I hit the "off" button he is having his call in guests on the air talking about the reality of hell. One was mentioning all of our generations of "truth passed down over the centuries." I'm sorry. ROTFLMAO here!

My god..... I mean they're broadcasting this all over the world!!!! If they had a shred of respect in my opinion before, that's completely gone now. Thanks for the laugh hahahahahaha

An ACTUAL RECORDING, eh?  Okay ... where precisely was this recording made?  Did they use a single mic or stereo, maybe a Decca bridge?  COME ON!!!  The chutzpah of these guys is not to be believed, any more than their stupid recordings are!

I would give real money to confront one of those jackasses and call 'em on it!

The thing that is the most pathetic about this recording is not that some con artist is promoting it. It's that there are thousands out there who actually believe it!

And they believe it because they can't be bothered to Think Critically about how someone came into the possession of that recording!  The mindset of "the priest said it; therefore I believe it" has got to GO.

Michael, I tried to watch "God Loves Uganda" on PBS.  It wasn't funny at all just disturbing. I had to turn it off as I wanted to scream at the tv.  How can so many people be so deluded and in the process cause so much damage. 

Now on a site called "truth or fiction" I've found more on this "drilling to hell" story. Here's a link:http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/d/drilltohellfacts.htm#.U3oDQX...

Problems on all of this for me is that theists would believe it hands down and even have it on a call in radio program. In my church days I used to argue that nobody was in hell at death because the judgement was not immediate, but was a futuristic event. Eager christian apologists explained that people who would end up in hell were sent there immediately to await a futuristic judgement. Shades of purgatory! This is like going to jail to wait and see if you spend the rest of your life in jail! (Except that you are already dead.)

Yes, there shall be "weeping and gnashing of teeth." How can this be when the voice box and teeth are still in the grave and it is that enigmatic "soul" which is in the deep bowels of the earth?

I'm working on these things in my "Modern Era Bible." Here is an exert:

   "Behold! I stand at the door and ring the buzzer. If you do not hear the buzzer then you most likely need an electrician."


I don't think the theists will buy it even if they did believe a recording from hell.



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