In the spirit of atheists helping atheists I feel I should post this warning. The Republicans, who brought us the recession, are poised to retake congress and could very well cause a worsening of the recession. It may be advisable for us to transfer whatever assets we have into less risky investments to ride out the possible storm.

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My guess too. The financial plan has already been made. I expect a broad market rally after the election but, of course, the insanity will later impact the markets negatively, along with the fools that voted Republican.
I have some euros in case the dollar collapses. That should be enough to get my family out of the country if need be.
Excellent presentation. I would add that the descent of the USA will be aided significantly by the anti-elite right wingers who are really anti-smart, anti-intelligent, anti-excellent and anti-great and will scare off our brightest, most creative people.

Furthermore, the erosion of the country will also be significantly aided by the religious fascists on the supreme court who are gradually stripping us of our human rights and forcing religion down our throats.
Recurs? I didn't know the recession stopped!

I certainly am glad I moved back home when I did, and the house is paid off.
Scary things ahead of us to be sure. Maybe I'm being a glass half full kind of person lately, but I see this nation becoming a theocracy. Thank you for your words of warning, this liberal family is definitely keeping close watch on events as they unfold.




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